Sea of Thieves Guide and Walkthrough

A Sea of Thieves guide to help you find treasure, hunt pirates, and become a pirate legend.


Sea of Thieves is Rare’s latest and greatest video game franchise, offering both Windows 10 PC gamers and Xbox One gamers the chance to become pirate legends. The emergent world on offer in Sea of Thieves is full of new systems to learn and mechanics to perfect, and you’ll find helpful explanations, guides, and tips for each of them in this constantly-growing Sea of Thieves guide.

This page was last updated on August 27, 2020.

Sea of Thieves DLC guides:

Sea of Thieves general guides:

Tall Tale guides

Sea of Thieves Tall Tale guides

Shores of Gold Tall Tale campaign walkthrough
The Shores of Gold is the first Tall Tale to hit the Sea of Thieves. Recover the power of the Shroudbreaker and pierce through the Devil's Shroud and into the Shores of Gold.

Shores of Gold journal locations
There are several journals to find during each section of the Shores of Gold Tall Tale, here's where to find them all.

Seabound Soul Tall Tale campaign walkthrough
Help Sir Arthur Pendragon save the souls of his former crewmates and uncover an ancient evil.

Maiden Voyage campaign walkthrough
The first voyage new players will experience before they enter the Sea of Thieves. Uncover the mysteries of Old Sailor Isle and learn the basics of being a pirate. Veteran players can experience this too.

Where to find the key in the Maiden Voyage
Unlock the hidden stash in the Magpie's Fortune by finding the Pirate Lord's key that he lost.

Sea of Thieves event guides

sea of thieves event guides

Summer of Sea of Thieves
Summer of Sea of Thieves tasks players with completing a whole lot of goals for some great cosmetic rewards.

Hunters of the Deep
Hunters of the Deep is all about finding and killing megalodon for their teeth. This limited-time event gives players a chance to earn the Shrouded Ghost Hunter shipset before it hits the Pirate Emporium.

Sea of Thieves - Anniversary Update

Where to find Merrick's new location
Merrick has shifted location since his time during The Hungering Deep, and now he's set up shop and ready to represent the Hunter's Call.

Fishing, bait, and cooking guide
Learn everything you need to know about fishing in Sea of Thieves. How to catch a fish, what bait to use, and how to avoid breaking your line.

How to start the Shores of Gold Tall Tale
The Shores of Gold is Sea of Thieves' first Tall Tale, and starting it might not be crystal clear for some players. Learn where you need to go and who you need to speak to in order to get underway and discover what lies beyond the Devil's Shroud.

How to unlock the Spinal Figurehead
Make your ship truly terrifying by unlocking the Spinal Figurehead, a special limited-time offering exclusive to Mixer.

Fish types, baits, and locations
Learn where to find each type of fish and what bait you must use to catch them.

How to get more wins in Arena
The Arena is a place of brutal competition, at least it can feel like that sometimes. We've collected some of our best tips to help you sail away victorious!

Sea of Thieves - Forsaken Shores

Uncover the fate of pirates
Around the islands of the Devil's Roar are the remains of Captain Morrow's crew, find them to earn doubloons.

How to use a rowboat
Rowboats were added to Sea of Thieves with Forsaken Shores, and it might not be immediately obvious how to use them.

Sea of Thieves - Cursed Sails

Cursed Sails Campaign Walkthrough
Cursed Sails is Sea of Thieves' second major content update, bringing to the world the threat of skeleton ships and cursed cannonballs. Players are tasked with uncovering the mystery of what lead to these foul beasts waging war on the outposts across the sea.

Skeleton Ship Spawn Times and Locations
The skeleton ships can be hunted, but only during specific times and at certain locations. Players can strategize their playtime by tracking where the skeleton ships will appear and what time they'll rise out of the sea.

How to Find Skeleton Ships
Tracking the undead ships around Sea of Thieves can be a challenge, even for the most valiant pirates.

How to Kill Skeleton Ships
Knowing where to find skeleton ships isn't enough, players will want to know how to sink them and send them back to Davy Jones' locker.

All Cursed Sails Bilge Rat Commendations
Earn up to 300 doubloons by completing all the Cursed Sails commendations offered by the Bilge Rats.

How to Unlock the New Sails
Three unique sails were added to Sea of Thieves in Cursed Sails, with each sail representing a different area of the map. Unlocking and equipping these sails is critical if players want to earn all the commendations.

Sea of Thieves - The Hungering Deep

What is The Hungering Deep Release Time?
The Hungering Deep is Sea of Thieves' first major piece of content, and players all around the world are preparing to dive in and experience what's on offer. There's only one problem, figuring out when the new content will be released.

Where to Find Merrick in Sea of Thieves
Merrick is the two peg-legged pirate with a penchant for his drink, but more than that he's one of the only survivors to have come in contact with what waits below the surface of the ocean. Players who want to progress through The Hungering Deep story will need to track down this lonesome pirate.

Merrick's Quest Walkthrough in The Hungering Deep
As part of The Hungering Deep's campaign, Merrick sends pirates on a hunt around the Sea of Thieves in search of journals.

Where to find megalodon
Learn some good strategies to improve your chances of having a megalodon spawn.

How to Kill the Megalodon
The megalodon is a new threat that has been released into the wild as part of The Hungering Deep, and players will need to know how to best this sea creature, lest they become a light snack.

Bilge Rat Adventures

Where to Find All Skeleton Thrones
Scattered around the Sea of Thieves are ten skeleton thrones which players can sit in to unlock unique titles.

How to Complete the Gunpowder Skeleton Adventure
Skeletons have learned how to pick up and use gunpowder barrels, but pirates are smarter. Corral these skeletons around and use them against their friends to unlock unique titles.

Where to Find Cursed Mermaid Statues
Hidden below the water are disturbing statues of mermaids, find them, destroy them, and unlock unique titles.

Beacon locations, Festival of the Damned
Find and light all the beacons from Festival of the Damned to earn dozens of doubloons.

All lantern colors
Learn how to unlock all the different lantern colors so you can activate the Fort of the Damned.

Where to find Stitcher Jim
Stitcher Jim has disappeared from one island and reappeared on another! You will need to track him down if you want to earn some doubloons.

Find the sketches by Stitcher Jim's beloved
Sticher Jim's mysterious beloved has drawn a few sketches, find all five to unlock some doubloons.

Masked Stranger location in Sea of Thieves
Discover the location of the Masked Stranger, Stitcher Jim's beloved, in Sea of Thieves.

Sea of Thieves - Pets, Microtransactions, and Pirate Emporium

Sea of Thieves pets microtransactions pirate emporium

Pirate Emporium
Discover everything on offer in the Pirate Emporium in our constantly-updated list. This includes all prices of animals, bundles, emotes, as well as ship cosmetics.

How to get Ancient Coins
The only currency that the Pirate Emporium accepts, Ancient Coins. These coins can be purchased using real-world money or discovered by killing rare Ancient Skeletons.

How to find Ancient Skeletons
Ancient Skeletons are an entirely random occurrence, but you should at least know where to look and what to do when you find one!

Banjo-Kazooie ship set
Take a look at the Banjo-Kazooie ship set, a premium item available through the Pirate Emporium

Sea of Thieves Gameplay and Mechanics

Where to get Ashen Keys
Ashen Keys are a new item required in opening Ashen Keys. Unfortunately, they're often difficult to find.

Where to sell gifts in Sea of Thieves
Looking for a place to sell your Humble Gifts and Generous Gifts? Look no further!

Where to find Ritual Skulls
Activating the Fort of the Damned is a time-consuming process, made all the more difficult by trying to find Ritual Skulls.

What is the Pirate Code?
There's respect among pirates, as we all must live by a certain code known as the Pirate Code. If any of us break this code, we know that we're in big trouble. Make sure you know the Pirate Code inside and out before you take on the vast world of Sea of Thieves.

How to Open Chests in Sea of Thieves
Learn about what to do with chests once you find them in the vast world of Sea of Thieves. While your first instinct might be to open them, you’re going to need to do something a little different with these treasure chests.

Sailing Terms for Sea of Thieves
If you want to take Sea of Thieves seriously, you're going to want to scrub up on your sailing terms, because "left" and "right" just won't do out on the open water. We list a few of the most important sailing terms you'll need to know as you explore Sea of Thieves.

How to Respawn off the Ghost Ship in Sea of Thieves
You'll eventually come to your demise when playing Sea of Thieves, whether it's by shark, drowning, or another player, you'll wind up on the Ferry of the Damned. For some players, it's not immediatly clear how you're supposed to respawn off the ghost ship and return to the land of the living.

How to Spot Sunken Ships and Shipwrecks
Not all treasure is found on land, a lot of treasure can be found in the sunken ships that are littered throughout the world in Sea of Thieves. If you want to increase the amount of gold you get per voyage, you'll want to know how to easily spot these underwater ships.

All Achievements in Sea of Thieves
With 60 Achievements to chase in Sea of Thieves, there are plenty of goals to set and challenges to accomplish. However, the Achievements in Sea of Thieves are a bit different, you'll have to solve a riddle to work out how to earn them.

How to Customize Your Ship
Time to play Pimp My Ship! Sea of Thieves lets players change three main aspects of their vessel, but you can't just do this whenever and wherever you want.

How to Find the Kraken
The kraken is Sea of Thieves' most dangerous monster, and while some pirates want to avoid it, some want to hunt it down and kill it. If you're the latter kind of pirate, you're going to need to know how to find the kraken, if at all possible.

Who is the Mysterious Stranger?
The Mysterious Stranger appears in every tavern on every outpost in Sea of Thieves, but what do they want you to do? We have the an inkling of what the Mysterious Stranger is there for, and it's going to take a fair bit of work on your behalf.

What Does the Skull Cloud Mean?
Chances are you've seen a skull cloud floating in the sky in Sea of Thieves and wondered what it means. This ominous-looking cloud is actually a giant marker signalling a special event has started.

How to Finish Skeleton Forts
Skeleton forts are Sea of Thieves greatest treasure troves, but they're defended by hundreds of skeletons you'll need to kill first. Knowing how to clear a skeleton fort is going to help you, as is knowing how to deal with any other players that might appear as you're trying to collect your rewards.

How to Get Rid of Voyages
Want to clear up your voyage slots? Got some old, low-level voyages you want to delete? There's a way you can get rid of voyages in Sea of Thieves, but you'll need to let your team know what's going on.

Message in a Bottle
Finding a message in a bottle is an exciting moment for any pirate in Sea of Thieves, but there's more you can learn about these seemingly-random in-game items.

How to Get Gold in Sea of Thieves
Figuring out the best way to get gold in Sea of Thieves can be difficult, but because you need gold to do just about everything, you're going to need to know how to get your hands on this precious metal.

How to Get Doubloons
Doubloons are a new currency in Sea of Thieves brought in with the Bilge Rat adventures. This non-premium currency is used to purchase special time-limited items from Duke.

How to Get the Banjo-Kazooie Figurehead
Remember the good ol' times of the Nintendo 64 days with this special Banjo-Kazooie figurehead.

All Tattoo Sets in Sea of Thieves
Make your pirate look the part by covering them from head to toe in tattoos.

Sea of Thieves Quest and Voyage Guides

How to Start Voyages in Sea of Thieves
Players getting started in Sea of Thieves will want to know how to take on each of the game's different types of voyages.

How to Complete Merchant Alliance Voyages in Sea of Thieves
Merchant Alliance voyages are perfect for players who prefer a more peaceful approach to monetary acquisitions.

How to Complete Order of Souls Voyages in Sea of Thieves
Sailors who don't mind getting a little dirty or violent are well-suited to the Order of Souls, where coin is available for all who dare oppose the skeleton menace.

How to Complete the Gold Hoarders Voyages in Sea of Thieves
Sea of Thieves players will quickly become familiar with the Gold Hoarders, as they're the folk willing to trade coin in exchange for a variety of treasure chests.

Sea of Thieves Animal and Enemy Guides

Where to Find Chickens in Sea of Thieves
Accepting an order from the Merchant Alliance means ferrying goods to different outposts within an allotted time, and some of these deliveries require you to find chickens. Because you are on a tight schedule, you're going to want to know where to find chickens in Sea of Thieves.

Where to Find Pigs in Sea of Thieves
You're likely to find pigs everywhere in Sea of Thieves when you don't need them, but as soon as you need to catch them for a Merchant Alliance they'll seem to all disappear. Save yourself some time and let us tell you the most common places to find pigs!

Where to Find Snakes in Sea of Thieves
As you level up the Merchant Alliance you'll be asked to collect greater quantities of merchandise, some of which includes the dangerous snakes. These little critters show up all over the place, but to save time, you're going to want to know where to find snakes.

How to Catch Pigs and Chickens in Sea of Thieves
Just because you know where to find them, doesn't mean it will be easy to catch pigs and chickens! We give you a rundown of the best way to catch these little creatures and keep them safe for delivery.

How to Catch Snakes
Catching snakes isn't as easy as catching pigs and chickens. Snakes are vicious and are the only animal (aside from the kraken) that can kill you if you're not careful.

How to Defeat Ghost Skeletons
There's more than one type of skeleton in Sea of Thieves, and one of the creepiest has got to be the spectral skeleton. This black smokey skeleton is pretty tough to defeat if you don't know the trick to dealing with them.

How to Kill All Skeleton Types
There are a handful of different skeleton types in Sea of Thieves, and each of them have their own strengths and weaknesses.

Sea of Thieves Error Codes, Issues, and Updates

Being an online world, you're certain to run into some errors when playing Sea of Thieves, but don't worry, we have you covered. There are quite a few beard-related error codes going around, and while some of them have a simple fix, others are a little more complicated.

BronzeBeard Error
CinnamonBeard Error
AlmondBeard Error
FishBeard Error
GreyBeard Error
KiwiBeard Error
LavenderBeard Error
TrimmedBeard Error
Stuck Checking the Pirate Roster Error
Stuck Searching the Seas Error

How to Update Sea of Thieves on PC
Windows 10 PCs don't always update programs automatically, which can make for some trouble whenever players are looking to get into Sea of Thieves after a patch.

Where to Find Your Missing Black Dog Pack
While it's not an error code, a lot of players are reporting missing Black Dog Packs, the pre-order bonus for Sea of Thieves. If you can't find your Black Dog pack, and are worried if you missed out, we have some answers to put your mind at ease. 

Not Getting Gold for Chests
The whole point of Sea of Thieves is to complete quests, find chests, hand over skulls, and make deliveries, all so you can earn gold, but it seems that a lot of players aren't getting the gold they're owed. In the event you don't receive your reward of gold or reputation, there is an answer for why this might be happening and how to ensure you get what's yours.

How to Fix Voice Chat
Sea of Thieves offers extremely important in-game proximity chat, so finding yours not working can be problematic. Let us help you fix your microphone problem and get back to talking like a pirate.

Can't Equip Weapon Bug in Sea of Thieves
There's a bug going around that won't let you equip weapons in Sea of Thieves, which is a bit problematic if you plan on going into battle. Luckily, we've got the information you need.

Update Version 1.0.1 Patch Notes for Sea of Thieves
The first major update to Sea of Thieves has arrived bringing a selection of fixes, improvements, tweaks, and general changes.

What Does "The World is Changing" Mean?
A short message appears on your screen while playing Sea of Thieves, and all you could remember were a few words - what does it all mean?

Other Sea of Thieves Guides and Articles

Sea of Thieves Could Have Been a Donkey Kong Game
We take a deep-dive and build up an evidence-based argument about why Sea of Thieves could have been a Donkey Kong game. 

How to Buy Sea of Thieves on PC
Maybe Sea of Thieves is your first PC game in a while or maybe you've never purchased a Windows Store-only product, either way, buying Sea of Thieves on PC is pretty simple!

How to link Sea of Thieves to Twitch
Sometimes Rare runs special limited-time events involving Twitch where plays can earn rewards, provided they've linked their Sea of Thieves account and Twitch account together.

How to get Sea of Thieves Twitch Prime content
Earn some bonus loot in Sea of Thieves by claiming your Twitch Prime rewards.

How Much Will Sea of Thieves Cost?
Sea of Thieves is available for purchase on Xbox One and PC, in both physical and digital forms, but there are limitations. We list all the different places where you can get your hands on Rare's Sea of Thieves.

How to Get Sea of Thieves for Free with Xbox Game Pass
Want to try out Sea of Thieves before you sink $60-100 on it? For the month of March (and maybe even April and May) Sea of Thieves is up for grabs for those who have Xbox Game Pass.

How to get the Obsidian cannons
Looking to complete your Obsidian ship set with the Obsidian cannons? Then you will need to be quick!

How to get the Halo Spartan ship set
Feel like showing off your love of Halo? Then you will want to unlock the limited-time Halo Spartan ship set for Sea of Thieves.

Sea of Thieves PC Requirements
Sea of Thieves is Rare’s first game to be released on PC, so they’ve put in a lot of effort to make sure your rig will be able to run it – no matter what. Make sure to check the PC system requirements just to be sure, because it’s definitely worth running Sea of Thieves on the highest setting possible for the water alone.

Does Sea of Thieves require Xbox Live?
The rules are different one where you choose to play, so know whether or not you need Xbox Live before you get started.

Sea of Thieves: Top Ten Pirate Songs
Get in the pirate spirit with these top ten songs you need to have on a playlist while you play Sea of Thieves. Perhaps whip out the hurdy gurdy or accordion and see if you can match the tune and melody.

How to Download and Install the Sea of Thieves Beta
The Sea of Thieves betas give players an insight into what they can experience when the full game launches on March 20. Getting the betas downloaded and installed can be a bit confusing, but we've got you covered.

When is the Next Beta for Sea of Thieves?
At the end of each beta, we have but one question to ask Rare: when is the next beta for Sea of Thieves? We update this article whenever a Sea of Thieves beta is imminent.

Will Sea of Thieves be on PS4?
A lot of people are asking the questions, will Sea of Thieves be on PS4? So someone has to deliver the message and let them know the answer.

Is Sea of Thieves Split Screen?
Sea of Thieves is a wonderful game, but it's even better if you can share the experience. Get the low down on whether Sea of Thieves offers any split screen functionality.

How Many Players Can Play on One Server in Sea of Thieves?
The world of Sea of Thieves is vast, but despite this, you're likely going to encounter many players on your travels. Though the question still remains, how many players will be on the map at the same time?

What is the Brig Time Limit?
So you've been a bit naughty and found yourself in the brig, and now you're wondering how long you need to spend in time out? Well, it's not too long, so long as your teammates are willing to release you.

What is a Semaphore in Sea of Thieves?
A lot of players might be curious about semaphore (or even sema for) in Sea of Thieves, so we're here to answer your burning questions about naval communications.

All Quest for the Golden Bananas Clues in Sea of Thieves
To celebrate the launch of Sea of Thieves, Rare began an ARG that involved 15 riddles being released over the course of three days. Working out the riddles and slotting them into The Passage earned players a shot at the major prize: a set of gold bananas.

12 Things We Want in Sea of Thieves
Rare has stated they will be supporting Sea of Thieves well into the future, and after playing dozens of hours of the game, I've come up with a list of features and mechanics I'd love to see included. 

Everything coming to Sea of Thieves in Cursed Sails and Forsaken Shores
We list off everything we've heard coming to Sea of Thieves in the next two major updates: Cursed Sails and Forsaken Shores.

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