Where to Find All Skeleton Thrones in Sea of Thieves

Learn the location of all skeleton thrones and how to reach them.


As part of Sea of Thieves’ first free weekly event, intrepid pirate explorers have been tasked with finding 10 skeleton thrones hidden around the world. These skeleton thrones are tucked away in difficult to reach places with some of them requiring two teams to work together to unlock.

Where to Find All Skeleton Thrones

The 10 skeleton thrones are divided into two groups: thrones that only require one crew and thrones that require two crews of any size. This means that a small skeleton throne can be sat in and activated by a solo player, while a large skeleton throne will need players to find at least one other player from another ship to sit in the throne with them.

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Each of the ten skeleton thrones are tracked through The Bilge Rat reputation section in-game. The large skeleton thrones have four skulls in the icon, are worth 12 doubloons, and the image of the throne is larger than the smaller thrones. Upon claiming five large thrones a unique title is unlock, as well as when all five small thrones are sat in.

Large Skeleton Thrones

Rest in the Cove’s Secret Throne – Cannon Cove

This large skeleton throne is located on Cannon Cove, in the middle of the giant rock formation in the very center of the map. The easiest way to reach this spot is to use a ship’s cannon to fire yourself onto the rock.

Plunder the Secret Throne – Plunder Outpost

Another large skeleton throne can be found on Plunder Outpost. This throne is located up in the rock formations on the north east side of the outpost. To reach it, position the ship a reasonable distance from the island and use the cannon to reach an outcropping with a skeleton. Drop down to the ledge that wraps around the peak to reach the skeleton throne. Don’t worry about landing too high, as dropping down to it is possible.

Sit in the Throne Amongst the Wreckage – Shipwreck Bay

Head to Shipwreck Bay to find this large skeleton throne on the north east of the island. No cannon is needed to reach this throne, simply climb the rock formation, cross the wooden bridge, and sword lunge down to the chair.

Smuggle into the Throne Close to the Bay – Smugglers’ Bay

This large skeleton throne is found hidden among some rocks to the north west of Smuggler’s Bay, at the north end of the map.

Maraud in the Throne Found Up High – Marauders’ Arch

Marauders’ Arch is by far the most difficult skeleton throne to reach, so doing it first might be a good idea – get it out of the way. Marauders’ Arch is located in the north east of the map, and the skeleton throne is located on the southern arm of the island, on the very highest rock.

Reaching this throne requires using the cannons, as the surrounding rocks cannot be used to jump up to it. The strategy I used to reach the throne was to position the ship fairly close and fire the cannon directly up into the air to create a lob-shot effect. Firing from a longer range, on a flatter trajectory can lead to bouncing off the throne or completely missing the island and needing to take a long swim back. Expect to spend a lot of time firing yourself from the cannon to reach this large skeleton throne.

Small Skeleton Thrones

Retreat to the Thrones’ Haven – Thieves’ Haven

This small skeleton throne is located on the eastern side of Thieves’ Haven, an island in the south of the Sea of Thieves. This throne can be reached either by using the ship’s cannon to fire your pirate at the throne or by sword lunging from the top of the island down to the rock.

Rest in the Throne that is Hidden Away – Mermaid’s Hideaway

Another small skeleton throne can be found at Mermaid’s Hideaway, an island on the western side of the map. Sail a ship around to the south east side of the island and look for the throne on one of the large rock formations.

Sit in the Throne Beneath the Ridge – Devil’s Ridge

To find this small skeleton throne, head to Devil’s Ridge in the south east of the map and go below the outcropping. Below the outcropping is a ledge that can only be reached by using a ship’s cannon, it’s here where the throne is located.

Be seated in the Throne that Keeps Watch – Hidden Spring Keep

This skeleton throne can be found at the top of the Hidden Spring Keep, a skeleton fort in the Shores of Plenty, in the north west of the map. A cannon in one of the surrounding towers is already aimed perfect at the throne, or just use the ship’s cannon to reach it.

Take a Seat in the Throne Beneath the Waves – Uncharted Island N10

The final skeleton throne is hidden rather well in an underwater cave in an uncharted island on the N10 coordinate. Locate the island at N10 and then locate one half of a ship wreck, swim down below the water to find a cave entrance, it’s through here where the final skeleton throne can be found.

Tracking down the skeleton thrones as part of the limited-time Bilge Rat event is the easy part, the hard part is actually reaching them. It’s important to take time to aim the cannon carefully and even anticipate the swell of the ocean, as these things can mean the difference between overshooting or making a good landing. It’s also worth noting that the galleon offers a smoother ride, meaning an easier time reaching that pesky throne on Marauders’ Arch.

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