Does Sea of Thieves require Xbox Live?

Knowing whether or not Sea of Thieves requires Xbox Live to play could be the deciding factor in making a purchase.


It’s not unusual for a game on Xbox One to require an Xbox Live subscription, but Sea of Thieves is also on Windows 10 PC. This begs the questions: does Sea of Thieves require Xbox Live? Unfortunately, it’s not a simple yes-no answer.

Does Sea of Thieves require Xbox Live?

Sea of Thieves requires Xbox Live if you are playing on Xbox One. For those that are playing Sea of Thieves on PC, no Xbox Live subscription is necessary. To further complicate this matter, if you purchase Sea of Thieves digitally on Xbox One (where Xbox Live is required) and shift to PC, you won’t need Xbox Live anymore.

For those that are looking to save a few dollars, it’s worth finding a way to play Sea of Thieves on PC. However, if playing on PC isn’t an option, there are always sales and discounts going on Xbox Live subscriptions. The price of the service is typically at its lowest during the holiday seasons, so try and stock up around Black Friday or Christmas.

Sea of Thieves Xbox Live required
If you're playing Sea of Thieves on Xbox One, you will need an Xbox Live subscription.

In the event you’re playing Sea of Thieves through Xbox Game Pass on Xbox One – meaning you need Xbox Live anyway – it can be worth looking into Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. This $15 a month subscription brings Xbox Live and Xbox Game Pass together into one neat bundle. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate isn’t available until later in 2019, so keep checking back for when this offer starts.

However, if the only game you’re playing through Xbox Game Pass is Sea of Thieves, you can save money by purchasing the game outright. In fact, if you have an Xbox Game Pass subscription, any games in the existing catalogue receives a discount. You could find yourself saving a few dollars or more!

While Xbox Live is required to play Sea of Thieves on Xbox One, you won’t need a subscription for the service if you’re playing on PC. This is unfortunate for those who are limited to console play. Sail on over to the Shacknews Sea of Thieves guide and walkthrough for helpful articles, guides, and more.

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