All Tattoo Sets in Sea of Thieves

Write the story of your pirate directly to its skin with the tattoo sets!


Creating the perfect pirate in Sea of Thieves requires more than just selecting the right outfit to match a hook hand or peg leg, it means choosing the tattoo that tells the best story. There are currently dozens of tattoo sets in Sea of Thieves, so there are plenty of options for even the pickiest of pirates out there.

All Tattoo Sets

All of the tattoo sets can be found in the vanity chest aboard any ship or out the front of any of the clothing stores at any of the six outposts in the Sea of Thieves. Some tattoos are exclusive to timed events, such as the Hungering Deep set, a tattoo that was earned by completing the Hungering Deep campaign. It’s a good idea to participate in any future events to ensure that all possible tattoos are unlocked.

Sailor Tattoo Set I

Sailor Tattoo Set II

Sailor Tattoo Set III

Sailor Tattoo Set IV

Sailor Tattoo Set V

Sailor Tattoo Set VI

Sailor Tattoo Set VII

Sailor Tattoo Set VIII

Sailor Tattoo Set IX

Sailor Tattoo Set X

Sailor Tattoo Set XI

Sailor Tattoo Set XII

Sailor Tattoo Set XIII

Sailor Tattoo Set XIV

Sailor Tattoo Set XV

Sailor Tattoo Set XVI

Hungering Tattoo Set

Combat Tattoo Set

Games Tattoo Set

Jewelry Tattoo Set

Sailing Tattoo Set

Tattoo Set of the Wailing Barnacle

While the Sailor Tattoo Sets are all fairly generic and deal with one or two areas on the body, the final tattoos are almost full-body sets, each with a unique theme. It’s worth noting that the tattoos are not permanent, so players can take them on and off or swap them at any time.

With your pirate all tattooed up and looking the part, take a moment to check out our Sea of Thieves guide and walkthrough for other helpful articles such as how to get doubloons and the fastest way to rank up.

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