Get Halo Spartan Ship Set free in Sea of Thieves this week

The folks at Rare are giving out the Halo Spartan Ship Set free to Sea of Thieves player who load the game during Gamescom 2019 week.


Sea of Thieves is something of a rare property, if you're picking up what we're putting down. The studio's nautical property quickly became a fan-favorite, and has played host to a number of additions and content meant to suit players specifically. One such piece of content is the Halo Spartan Ship set, and now players have another chance to get it entirely for free. Here's how.

Sea of Thieves Halo Complete Spartan Ship Set free during Gamescom 2019

Revealed by the official Sea of Thieves Twitter account, the complete Halo-inspired Spartan Ship Set will be free to all players who load the game during the evetns of Gamescom 2019. Officially, that means the set will be given away from August 20 through August 24.

Fans may recall that many of these items were first offered after E3 2019, where it was made available from June 12 through June 15. As far as we can tell, the same rules apply this time around: Simply log into the game during the promotional period, and the Spartan Ship Set will be credited to your account either immediately or just after the promotion ends, usually within 72 hours.

There's even a bonus in there for players who haven't yet completed the full Halo-inspired set. In case they've already earned the items offered after E3 2019, logging in during this event will unlock the wheel, cannons, and capstan to the set. Otherwise, logging in should unlock the Master Chief figurehead as well as the Halo-inspired flags, sails, and livery.

It's hard to beat a free giveaway, and that's just what Sea of Thieves is doing with the Halo-inspired Spartan Ship set. Be sure to log into the game before August 24 to grab the latest digs without dropping a dime. For more coverage of Rare's seaworthy venture, be sure to stop by Shacknews' Sea of Thieves guide and walkthrough.

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