Lantern colors in Sea of Thieves

Learn where to get all the different lantern colors in Sea of Thieves, also known as the Flame of Fate, so you can participate in the Fort of the Damned or light the beacons.


Though the lantern has been in Sea of Thieves since it launched, different lantern colors has been a recent addition. With six different lantern colors to find and collect from the Flame of Fate, tracking them all down is going to be a top priority for players looking to tackle the latest challenges. 

All lantern colors - Flame of Fate

There are six lantern colors to collect in Sea of Thieves outside of the standard orange glow. These colors (Flames of Fate) can be collected from the Well of Fate on the Ferry of the Damned, the ship you wait on after you die. Each color corresponds to a different way you died. To get all the lantern colors, you will need to die in a specific way:

  • Green – death by skeleton
  • Pink – killed by another player
  • Blue – eaten by a shark
  • Purple – poisoned by a snake
  • White – struck by lightning
  • Red – burn to death (volcano or fire)

While the new hot thing is to complete the Fort of the Damned, there are also several beacon dotted around the map. Lighting these with the Flame of Fate rewards doubloons and unlocks commendations, so check out our beacon location guide if you’re yet to light those fires!

How to get the lantern color

lanter colors sea of thieves
Approach the Well of Fates on the Ferry of the Damned, raise your lantern and take the new lantern color.

It’s all good and well to know what death gives what color, but you need to be able to actually collect it and store it. Simply put, the colors are collected from the Well of Fates. This well is found in the middle of the Ferry of the Damned.

When you die, pull out your lantern and go to the brazier in the middle of the ghostly boat. Hold up your lantern and then use the appropriate button to take the color. You will note how your lantern changes. You've successfully collected a Flame of Fate!

With your new lantern color, go through the doorway and get back to your ship. Take your new color and go up to one of the lanterns on your ship. Raise your lantern and choose the option to set the color. The lantern on your ship will change to whatever color you’re holding. Be careful not to accidentally overwrite your color or you will need to die that specific way again.

It’s worth noting that this is the only way you can store a lantern color. If you die, your own lantern will be reset. If your ship sinks, your lanterns will be reset.

Now that you’ve got all the lantern colors (Flame of Fate), you can get to activating the Fort of the Damned or lighting the beacons around the Sea of Thieves. For more guides about the latest happenings in Rare’s pirate game, head over to the Shacknews Sea of Thieves guide.

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