How to link Sea of Thieves to Twitch

Link your Sea of Thieves account to your Twitch account so you can unlock some limited-time cosmetic items.


A lot of pirates out there are looking to earn some bonus loot by linking their Sea of Thieves account to Twitch. Thankfully, this process is pretty stress-free and easy to do. While the frequency of Twitch-related rewards is low, it’s worth having these two accounts linked so you never miss out on a shiny new cosmetic.

How to link Sea of Thieves to Twitch

Link Sea of Thieves to Twitch
You can link Sea of Thieves to Twitch via the Sea of Thieves website under "Account". Look for the Twitch Drops section.

Before you begin, you will first and foremost want to ensure you have an account for both of these services. Signing up for a Twitch account is free and easy to do. As for Sea of Thieves, chances are you’ve already got that sorted. The steps for linking your Sea of Thieves account to Twitch are as follows:

  1. Go to the Sea of Thieves website
  2. Click the profile button (pirate head) in the top-right corner and select log in
  3. On the Microsoft screen, sign in to your Xbox Live/Microsoft account and you’ll be taken back to the Sea of Thieves site
  4. Click your profile button in the top-right
  5. Select Account
  6. Scroll down to the Twitch Drops section
  7. Click the Link Twitch Account button and sign-in to your Twitch account
  8. Congratulations, you have now linked Sea of Thieves to Twitch

With your Sea of Thieves account linked to your Twitch account you will now be eligible for rewards. Whenever an event takes place, you will need to navigate to Twitch, sign in to your account, and watch for the required amount of time. Provided you’ve linked accounts, you will receive the in-game reward shortly. It’s worth noting that there have been times where the reward was delayed, so you may need to exercise patience.

The latest Twitch reward were the Obsidian cannons. Anyone that watched 30 minutes of Sea of Thieves during Talk Like a Pirate Day would receive this extremely exclusive ship cosmetic. Now that you’ve linked Sea of Thieves to Twitch, you too can earn limited-time rewards whenever Rare hosts an event. Sail on over to the Shacknews Sea of Thieves guide for more walkthroughs!

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