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Learn everything about the Hunters of the Deep event in Sea of Thieves, like how to get shark teeth for the Shrouded Ghost Hunter shipset.


The Hunters of the Deep is a new, limited-time event in Sea of Thieves. This event has players hunting sharks and megalodon for their teeth. And what do you get for all these shark teeth? Why, the Shrouded Ghost Hunter ship set of course! Let’s dive into the waters and see how to get this one completed.

Hunters of the Deep guide

The Sea of Thieves events hub lets players know of any in-game events happening. The latest event (aside from the Summer of Sea of Thieves) is the Hunters of the Deep. As the name suggests, players will be hunting the creatures that live in the ocean: sharks and megalodon.

Hunters of the Deep start and end time

Hunters of the Deep starts on August 26th and ends on September 9th. This gives players roughly two weeks to complete the tasks. Even considering the random nature of the megalodon spawns, the event shouldn’t be too difficult for most players to complete within the timeframe.

Hunters of the Deep rewards

shrouded ghost hunter shipset sea of thieves
The Shrouded Ghost Hunter shipset is the reward for those who manage to get enough shark teeth during the Hunters of the Deep event.

This event is all about the shark and megalodon teeth. By defeating megalodon, and performing some one-off tasks, players earn varying amounts of teeth, which unlock individual pieces of the Shrouded Ghost Hunter shipset. As you get more teeth, more ship parts are unlocked. For example, earning 5 shark teeth unlocks one-fifth of the flag and one-twentieth of the sails.

  • Flag – 25 shark teeth
  • Hull – 50 shark teeth
  • Figurehead – 75 shark teeth
  • Sails – 100 shark teeth

Players that want to get the whole set will be looking to collect 100 shark teeth. While this is a limited-time event for the Shrouded Ghost Hunter shipset, the set isn’t actually going away, it’s being moved to the Pirate Emporium. This means, if players want the shipset for free, they can get it. Anyone that misses out will need to purchase the pieces for real-world money.

Hunters of the Deep challenges

There are two types of challenges in the Hunters of the Deep event, one-off challenges and repeatable challenges. The one-off challenges, as the name suggests, can only be completed once while the repeatable challenges can be done as many times as players need. These challenges are how players will get the shark teeth.

Hunters of the Deep one-off challenges

hunters of the deep blue flame beacon sea of thieves
Getting a blue Flame of Fate and lighting a beacon will reward you 10 shark teeth.

Each of the one-off challenges for the Hunters of the Deep are worth 5 shark teeth. Completing them all is a quick way to secure 25 shark teeth, getting you a quarter of the way to the goal.

  • Find and read Umbra’s journal on Devil’s Ridge. This is found up high, on a rock outcropping to the south (not the main northern point). You can see Ancient Spire Outpost from the journal.
  • Find and read Merrick’s journal on the Reaper’s Hideout. Go to the northwest side of the island to spot Merrick’s journal on the ground beside a tepee.
  • Acquire a blue Flame of Fate, one of the lantern colors. To get a blue flame, get eaten by a shark and use your lantern at the brazier on the Ferry of the Damned.
  • Light a beacon with the blue Flame of Fate. Check out our beacon location guide for where you can find these braziers.
  • Deliver 10 shark meat to the Hunter’s Call. This can be delivered to any of the representatives found at the Seaposts.

Hunters of the Deep repeatable challenges

The repeatable challenges for Hunters of the Deep are all about killing the various megalodon types found in the Sea of Thieves. Depending on what megalodon you kill, the number of shark teeth you get will be different. The rarer the shark, the more shark teeth.

  • The Hungering One (blue) – 10 shark teeth
  • Crested Queen (purple) – 20 shark teeth
  • Shadowmaw (black) – 30 shark teeth
  • Ancient Terror (yellow) – 40 shark teeth
  • Shrounded Ghost (white) – 100 shark teeth

How to find megalodon

find megalodon hunters of the deep sea of thieves
Megalodon are rare spawns that happen only when sailing in open waters away from land.

Given that each megalodon rewards a large portion of shark teeth, players would do well to focus on finding and killing megalodon. This is easier said than done, as megalodon are a random encounter.

In saying this, megalodon will only spawn when players are far enough away from an island. Use this to your advantage. Start sailing around the map, from one corner to the other, a big circle around the outside, or around your favorite region. By staying away from land, you will be spending more time in open waters were megalodon are guaranteed to spawn.

When a megalodon does spawn, ensure you do not sail too close to land, as this will cause it to swim away. A good strategy is to raise sails and then sit still and fire upon the meg with your cannons.

The Hunters of the Deep event in Sea of Thieves promises a bit of megalodon fun. By hunting and killing these beasts, players will be able to collect their teeth and trade them for pieces of the Shrouded Ghost Hunter shipset before it hits the Pirate Emporium. Make sure you check out the Shacknews Sea of Thieves guide and walkthrough for more helpful tips.

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