How to Get Doubloons in Sea of Thieves

Learn how to get doubloons, the best way to earn them, and what to spend them on in Sea of Thieves.


Getting doubloons in Sea of Thieves is one of the most valuable things a player can do. Doubloons act as a secondary in-game currency that is used to purchase a variety of limited-time items. Earning a lot of doubloons quickly can be tricky, but there are now more ways than ever to earn the coveted blue currency used by Duke.

How to Get Doubloons

Sea of Thieves doubloons Bilge Rat adventure
Many of the old Bilge Rat activities still reward a lot of doubloons.

There are now multiple sources in Sea of Thieves that reward doubloons. It used to be that Bilge Rat adventures were the only way to get your hands on this precious blue currency, but that has changed. The following activities reward doubloons. Keep in mind doubloons are different to Ancient Coins, a new premium currency in Sea of Thieves.

Bilge Rat Adventures

Sea of Thieves bilge rat adventures doubloons
Each of the Bilge Rat adventures have doubloons that are earned by completing commendations.

Bilge Rat adventures are one of the new ways players can earn doubloons in Sea of Thieves. These Bilge Rat adventures act as a sort of "quest" that funnels players into new activities.

Within each adventure are several commendations, each rewarding a set amount of doubloons. Once an event ends, it’s possible to continue collecting these doubloons unless they’re part of the Mercenary voyages.

To find these adventures, bring up the menu, navigate to the Reputation tab and select the Bilge Rat tile. Here you will see the various other tiles, each one containing dozens of commendations. Open up an adventure and look at the commendations, the ones that reward doubloons will have a little blue doubloon icon and a number indicating how many doubloons you will receive.

Mercenary voyages

Sea of Thieves mercenary voyages doubloons
The Mercenary voyage commendations are limited-time, so complete these first to get some doubloons.

Previously, Bilge Rat adventures were the limited-time adventures, but that honor has shifted to the Mercenary Voyages. These adventures are only around for a couple of weeks before expiring. It’s a good idea to do these first, as the other adventures stick around and can be completed whenever.

Reaper’s Chests

Sea of Thieves Doubloons reapers chest
Reaper's Chests spawn randomly or can be dug up after killing a randomly-spawned Skeleton Captain.

Reaper’s Chests are a brand new type of chest in Sea of Thieves. These chests can spawn randomly in the world (such as in sunken ships) or can be dug up after following a Skeleton Captain’s map that it drops.

Reaper’s Chests spawn every once and a while. You can tell when one has spawned by looking for the firework-like lights. You can also see a Reaper’s Chest by looking at your map and searching for the Reaper’s mark. Keep in mind that this Reaper’s mark stays on the map, so if you pick up the chest, other players will see it moving and will be able to track you down.

Take the Reaper’s Chest to Duke or Stitcher Jim in any Tavern and sell it to him to receive 25 doubloons.

Ritual Skulls

Sea of Thieves Ritual Skull doubloons
Ritual Skulls can be used to activate the Fort of the Damned or sold for doubloons.

The Ritual Skull is a new type of skull added to Sea of Thieves with a recent Mercenary voyage. These new skulls can be found out in the wild and can be sold to Duke for 10 doubloons. Though it’s not much, it’s a great way to earn a few more doubloons while out adventuring. Alternatively, you can use a Ritual Skull to start the Fort of the Damned.

Rag and Bone crates

Rag and Bone crates are a new type of delivery item. Added with the Smuggler’s Fortune update, the Rag and Bone crates can be delivered to Seaposts for 5 doubloons. Much like the Ritual Skulls, this should be just a nice bump to your supplies.

Gifts - Humble and Generous

Added with the Season of Plenty event, these gifts can be found washed up on the shore. Deliver them to the masked stranger on the new Reaper's Hideout island to receive 5 or 10 doubloons.

Ashen Tomes, Chests, and Keys

There are new a few new Ashen items, all of which reward doubloons. The Ashen chests can only be opened with an Ashen key, both of which are dropped by new Ashen skeleton captains. These chests can contain new Tomes, which are sold to Stitcher Jim for doubloons. Alternatively, sell the Ashen keys for some extra doubloons. When you're done with the Ashen chest, sell it as well!

What to Buy with Doubloons

Sea of Thieves Duke Doubloons
Duke is the vendor who sells goods in exchange for doubloons.

Doubloons can be used to purchase items from Duke the Bilge Rat, who can be found in any of the Taverns around Sea of Thieves. Duke often sells special, limited-edition ship cosmetics, weapons, and clothing. These items are limited-time, so they will disappear from his inventory. However, there are a few items which will be always available. On top of the limited-time cosmetics that can be bought, there are 10 other items to help pirates on their way:

  • Explorer’s Stash (2,500 gold)
  • Adventurer’s Loot (5,000 gold)
  • Bilge Rat’s Hoard (10,000 gold)
  • Letter of Golden Recommendation
  • Letter of Culinary Recommendation
  • Letter of Formal Recommendation
  • Letter of Mystical Recommendation
  • Letter of Glorious Recommendation
  • Skull Stash Voyage
  • Ashen Chest Stash Voyage
sea of thieves doubloons
Players can buy one of each of the Letters of Recommendation a month.

The first three are bags of gold, which are useful if players are short on funds and have doubloons to spare. However, unless you're really struggling and need a lot of gold for some reason, it’s really not worth purchasing as making gold in Sea of Thieves is exceptionally easy – making these doubloon-for-gold packages an extremely poor trade.

The next five are what players will want to purchase when the time is right. Each of these Letters of Recommendation adds one full level to a single trading company rank. The Letter of Golden Recommendation will take a player from level 45 to level 46 in the Gold Hoarders, and any XP will carry across into the new level (someone who is level 45 and a half will go to level 46 and a half). The others do the same of the Merchant Alliance, Order of Souls, Hunter’s Call, and Sea Dogs.

This is absolutely essential for any player looking to make their way to Pirate Legend as it will make the last final push from 49 to 50 a breeze. It’s a good idea to stockpile as many doubloons as possible, as the more you have, the more Letters of Recommendation you can buy, which means the more levels you can skip over. Keep in mind you can only purchase one Letter of Recommendation a month, per trading company.

The last two items for sale are special voyages. These voyages will help you find the special Ritual Skulls which are used in activating the Fort of the Damned and the Ashen Chests which contain the new Tomes.

Doubloons are a valuable, non-premium currency that can be used to purchase special limited-time cosmetics, packages of gold, and recommendations to add one whole level to a trading company rank. Because the currency makes leveling so easy, it’s a good idea for players to try and get as many doubloons as possible in Sea of Thieves. Swing by the Shacknews Sea of Thieves guide and walkthrough for more pirate tips!

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