How to Get Doubloons in Sea of Thieves

Learn how to get doubloons, the best way to earn them, and what to spend them on in Sea of Thieves.


Getting doubloons in Sea of Thieves is one of the most valuable things a player can do. Doubloons act as a secondary in-game currency that is used to purchase limited-time cosmetics, voyages, piles of gold, and reputation. Earning a lot of doubloons quickly can be tricky, as some are tied to events that are only around for a short time. However, thanks to a recent update, all Bilge Rat adventures from here on out continue to reward doubloons, even after an event has technically "finished" in-game.

How to Get Doubloons

Sea of Thieves doubloons Bilge Rat adventure
New players can earn doubloons from The Cursed Crews event and onwards.

The doubloon is a new currency introduced with the Bilge Rat crew as part of the Bilge Rat adventures. These Bilge Rat adventures act as a sort of "quest" that funnels players into new activities. Within each adventure are several commendations, each rewarding a set amount of doubloons. As mentioned above, a recent update changed the way earning doubloons works. Now, even after an event ends, players can still go and earn the doubloons associated with it. Even if players are just starting today, they can earn doubloons from most of the previous events, including:

  • The Cursed Crews
  • Forsaken Shores
  • Festival of the Damned
  • Shrouded Spoils
  • Mercenary Voyages

Though they older events might not reward doubloons, they can still be completed for commendations and titles. Some of these older ones include finding skeleton thrones and killing gunpowder skeletons.

how to get doubloons Sea of Thieves

The only way to get a decent stockpile of doubloons is to complete every single one of the commendations that are tied to the Bilge Rat adventures. These commendations can be found by opening the reputation screen and selecting the Bilge Rat icon. Within this menu are several tabs for each in-game event. Select a tab to open it up and view the available commendations. Any commendation that rewards doubloons will have a little blue/grey icon and a number depicting how many doubloons it rewards.

Any doubloons earned during one Bilge Rat adventure will transfer to the next, meaning players can save their doubloons and spend them at a later date. This is helpful if none of the limited-time cosmetics are wanted. Typically, an event will offer enough doubloons for all the cosmetic items and then a bit more, this way you will always net positive so long as you complete all the commendations.

What to Buy with Doubloons

doubloons sea of thieves

Doubloons can be used to purchase items from Duke the Bilge Rat, who can be found at any of the outposts around Sea of Thieves. The stock for sale changes every couple of weeks, though there are a few items which will be always available. On top of the limited-time adventure cosmetics that can be bought, there are six other items to help pirates on their way:

  • Explorer’s Stash (2,500 gold)
  • Adventurer’s Loot (5,000 gold)
  • Bilge Rat’s Hoard (10,000 gold)
  • Letter of Golden Recommendation
  • Letter of Formal Recommendation
  • Letter of Mystical Recommendation

The first three are bags of gold, which are useful if players are short on funds and have doubloons to spare. However, unless you're really struggling and need a lot of gold for some reason, it’s really not worth purchasing as making gold in Sea of Thieves is exceptionally easy – making these doubloon-for-gold packages an extremely a poor trade.

doubloon reputation packages sea of thieves

The last three are what players will want to purchase when the time is right. Each of these three Letters of Recommendation adds one full level to a single trading company rank. The Letter of Golden Recommendation will take a player from level 45 to level 46 in the Gold Hoarders, and any XP will carry across into the new level (someone who is level 45 and a half will go to level 46 and a half). The other two are for the Merchant Alliance and the Order of Souls.

This is absolutely essential for any player looking to make their way to Pirate Legend as it will make the last final push from 49 to 50 a breeze. It’s a good idea to stockpile as many doubloons as possible, as the more you have, the more Letters of Recommendation you can buy, which means the more levels you can skip over.

Doubloons and Mercenary Voyages

doubloons mercenary voyages Sea of Thieves
The voyages available through the Mercenary tab in Duke's shop are only around for a short time, cost doubloons to buy them (instead of gold), but reward a whole lot of doubloons!

Duke has a new tab in his shop for Mercenary Voyages. These voyages are special, limited-time voyages that can only be purchased with doubloons. There are often doubloons tied with the completion of these voyages, so completing them during the event window is a top priority. Unlike the Bilge Rat adventures, the Mercenary Voyages leave the store, which means any doubloons they offer as rewards for completion also disappears.

The Mercenary Voyages are often challenging voyages, sending players to the same areas on the map. Because Mercenary Voyages can only be bought with doubloons, are limited-time events, and reward large sums of doubloons, the stakes are quite high. Come prepared for a fight, and do everything you can do finish the voyage successfully.

Doubloons are a valuable new, non-premium, currency that can be used to purchase special limited-time cosmetics, packages of gold, and recommendations to add one whole level to a trading company rank. Because of the currency makes leveling so easy, it’s a good idea for players to try and get as many doubloons as possible in Sea of Thieves. Swing by the Shacknews Sea of Thieves guide and walkthrough for more pirate tips!

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