How to Get Doubloons in Sea of Thieves

Learn where to get doubloons, the best way to earn them, and what to spend them on in Sea of Thieves.


Though pirates mainly care about gold and treasure, with the arrival of the Bilge Rats there’s a new currency to start hoarding: doubloons. Getting more doubloons can be tricky, especially considering they are tied to events that are only around for a short amount of time.

How to Get Doubloons

The doubloon is a new currency introduced with the Bilge Rat crew as part of the Bilge Rat Adventures, limited-time missions that task players with completing various activities in the world. Some of the recent adventures included finding skeleton thrones and killing gunpowder skeletons.

The only way to get a decent stockpile of doubloons is to complete every single one of the commendations that are tied to the Bilge Rat Adventures. These commendations can be found by opening the reputation screen and selecting the Bilge Rat icon. In here is a list of past and present commendations but only the commendations tied to the currently-active adventure can be unlocked. Players who go looking to complete the previous adventure’s commendations will find that they cannot earn the doubloons tied to those commendations.

For every commendation that gets completed, a certain amount of doubloons will be awarded. The amount of doubloons awarded is listed beneath each commendation, so it can be a good idea to aim for the ones that earn the most. However, these will invariably take the longest to complete.

Any doubloons earned during one Bilge Rat adventure will transfer to the next, meaning players can save their doubloons and spend them at a later date. This is helpful if none of the limited-time cosmetics are wanted.

What to Buy with Doubloons

Doubloons can be used to purchase items from Duke the Bilge Rat, who can be found at any of the outposts around Sea of Thieves. The stock for sale changes every couple of weeks, though there are a few items which will be always available. On top of the limited-time adventure cosmetics that can be bought, there are six other items to help pirates on their way:

  • Explorer’s Stash (2,500 gold)
  • Adventurer’s Loot (5,000 gold)
  • Bilge Rat’s Hoard (10,000 gold)
  • Letter of Golden Recommendation
  • Letter of Formal Recommendation
  • Letter of Mystical Recommendation

The first three are bags of gold, which is useful if players are short on funds and have doubloons to spare, but it’s really not worth purchasing as making gold in Sea of Thieves is exceptionally easy – making these doubloon-for-gold packages an extremely a poor trade.

The last three are what players will want to purchase when the time is right. Each of these three Letters of Recommendation adds one full level to a single trading company rank. The Letter of Golden Recommendation will take a player from level 45 to level 46 in the Gold Hoarders, and any XP will carry across into the new level (someone who is level 45 and a half will go to level 46 and a half). The other two are for the Merchant Alliance and the Order of Souls.

This is absolutely essential for any player looking to make their way to Pirate Legend as it will make the last final push from 49 to 50 a breeze. It’s a good idea to stockpile as many doubloons as possible, as the more you have, the more Letters of Recommendation you can buy, which means the more levels you can skip over.

Doubloons are a valuable new, non-premium, currency that can be used to purchase special limited-time cosmetics, packages of gold, and recommendations to add one whole level to a trading company rank. Because of the currency makes leveling so easy, it’s a good idea for players to try and get as many doubloons as possible in Sea of Thieves. Swing by the Shacknews Sea of Thieves guide and walkthrough for more pirate tips!

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