How to Get Gold in Sea of Thieves

Learn how to earn gold so you can live the ultimate pirate fantasy in Sea of Thieves!


Being a pirate is more than just dressing up in fancy clothes and making a ship look badass: it’s also about earning gold, stealing gold, and being rewarded (with gold) for hard work. Players just starting their pirate adventure in Sea of Thieves will surely want to know how to get gold so they can buy that shiny new blunderbuss.

How to Get Gold

Getting gold in Sea of Thieves is a simple enough task, but the journey is lengthy and challenging. To get gold, players will need to accept and start a voyage from one of the three trading companies in the game: Gold Hoarders, Merchant Alliance, or Order of Souls. Before starting, be sure to read our guide on how to open chests in Sea of Thieves, as it will likely be a bit of a surprise!

Upon completing a voyage for any of the three companies, players will receive a stockpile of gold as payment. Some players are reporting that they are not getting gold for chests, but most of the time it will be an immediate reward. From here, the only things preventing players from getting more gold are other enemy pirates.

To increase the amount of gold earned per voyage, players will need to purchase promotions from the three companies. Promotions become available after reaching certain milestones with a company (specifically, every 5 levels) and can be purchased using gold. The first promotion unlocks after you reach rank 5, and once the promotion is purchased, the voyages will become more difficult, involve more steps, and reward better loot at an increased frequency.

At the moment, there is a best way to earn gold, but it requires a bit of meta-gaming. As players rank up, there is still a chance to receive voyages that only have one treasure chest on an island, one skeleton captain to kill, or a single delivery to make, if any of these occur, they should be cancelled and replaced.

Ideally, players should cancel any voyage that doesn't award: a Gold Hoarders voyage with 4+ maps or a map with 5+ "X marks the spots", an Order of Souls with more than 3 bounties where one contains at least 4 skeleton captains, and for the Merchant Alliance, a delivery that has at minimum two golden animals. If a voyage doesn't meet these minimum requirements, cancel it and propose another. Players can also get a nice sum of gold by buying a package of it from Duke the Bilge Rat, just ensure you know how to get doubloons, because that's all he accepts.

No matter which of the three trading companies players choose to work for, there is a lot of gold to be earned on the Sea of Thieves. If you run into any other problems, swing by our Sea of Thieves Guide for a collection of other helpful pieces of information.

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