How to Get Gold in Sea of Thieves

Learn how to earn gold so you can live the ultimate pirate fantasy in Sea of Thieves!


Being a pirate is more than just dressing up in fancy clothes and making a ship look badass: it’s also about earning gold, stealing gold, and being rewarded (with gold) for hard work. Players just starting their pirate adventure in Sea of Thieves will surely want to know how to get gold so they can buy that shiny new blunderbuss.

How to Get Gold

Sea of Thieves gold
Making gold fast in Sea of Thieves is easy if you know the best activities to complete.

The idea of getting gold in Sea of Thieves is an easy concept and even easier to make a reality. The challenge is finding fast ways to make a lot of gold. The reason for this difficulty is that there are a lot of ways to get gold these days.

Some of these methods are fast and reward small amounts of gold while others are slower and reward large amounts of gold. Depending on your time commitment, and the size of your crew, how you approach earning gold may be different.

  • Get in an Alliance
  • Complete voyages from one of the trading companies
  • Clear skeleton forts and sell the loot
  • Finish the last mission in the Shores of Gold Tall Tale
  • Devil’s Roar activities

Join an Alliance

Sea of Thieves alliance for gold
Join an alliance with strangers (or friends) and enjoy earning a lot more gold.

Hands down the best way to earn gold in Sea of Thieves is to join an Alliance. By being in an Alliance, you can go around completing voyages while another crew does the same. When they turn in any treasure, you will get gold to the sound of 50% of the value while the other crew will still get the full amount.

What this means is you can be earning 50% more gold per session per ship in your alliance. Want more gold? Invite more people to the alliance and enjoy sailing around and passively earning an income.

Trading company voyages

Voyages will likely be your first stop in getting more gold in Sea of Thieves. The Gold Hoarders, Order of Souls and Merchant Alliance are the three base trading companies that offer voyages and promotions.

The Sea Dogs and Hunter’s Call, while still trading companies, don’t offer voyages you can go and complete. Earning gold from the Sea Dogs requires completing Arena matches, which can take a while. As for Hunter’s Call, it’s the most difficult company to earn gold from, as well as reputation.

sea of thieves trading company promotion
As you increase your rank in each trading company, remember to buy the promotions so you can complete better voyages.

As you level up the trading companies, return to them and buy the promotions. The more you are promoted, the greater the rewards from the voyages. By the time you’re rank 50 in Gold Hoarders, most of the chests you dig up will be Captain’s Chests.

In terms of quick and dirty voyages, consider doing Merchant Voyages. Completing delivery quests is a great way to earn some money pretty quickly. However, delivering golden animals is one of the more lucrative options.

Skeleton forts

sea of thieves skeleton forts fort of the damned
The Fort of the Damned is one of the most difficult skeleton forts, but it rewards a lot of loot.

Skeleton forts are by far one of the best sources of treasure in Sea of Thieves. Depending on your skill, and the size of your crew, it’s possible to clear a skeleton fort in about 15 minutes, give or take.

Each fort will now also reward you with an Ashen Key and Ashen Chest. This is a great way to earn some doubloons and collect the various Ashen Tomes.

There’s also the option to complete the Fort of the Damned. This is by far the most difficult fort in the game, requiring players to collect all lantern colors before even starting the event. However, it has a lot of valuable loot, including Reaper’s Chests and a Chest of Legends.

Shores of Gold Tall Tale

sea of thieves shores of gold reward
Selling the Gold Hoarder's skull will earn you 20,000 gold. 

This might be a bizarre one but it’s an easy way to earn a guaranteed 20,000 gold. If you’ve completed the Shores of Gold Tall Tale, consider replaying the final voyage where you fight the Gold Hoarder. This skull is worth 20,000 gold, and depending how fast you can sail to Morrow’s Peak, Tribute Peak to fight the boss, and back again, it might be your fastest option.

It’s also worth noting that many of the quest items from the Tall Tales reward gold upon handing them in. This is a good option to mix it up a bit.

Devil’s Roar activities

The Devil’s Roar is the most dangerous location in Sea of Thieves. There are volcanoes exploding, raining down rocks on ships, and geysers launching unsuspecting pirates into the air. But with all this danger comes valuable items.

Every voyage you complete in the Devil’s Roar is worth twice the gold and XP. There are also Ashen versions of each item, which further increases its value. If you’ve got the patience, voyaging in the Devil’s Roar is an excellent way of making gold.

There are plenty of options out there for those who want to get more gold fast in Sea of Thieves. But the biggest advice would be to play with a like-minded crew. The more players you have, the faster the process will be and the more gold you’ll walk away with. If you run into any other problems, swing by our Sea of Thieves Guide for a collection of other helpful pieces of information.

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