Where to find Stitcher Jim in Sea of Thieves

Learn the location of Stitcher Jim, one of Sea of Thieves' most suspect inhabitants.


Finding Stitcher Jim is a little tricky in Sea of Thieves. This scallywag was hanging about certain areas of the world for a while when Forsaken Shores first launched, but since then has disappeared. Now, Stitcher Jim is back and he’s found a new island to call home.

Where to find Stitcher Jim

Stitcher Jim can be found on one of the uncharted islands in Sea of Thieves. You will need to set sail to I12 / J12 to find the uncharted island between Twin Groves and Castaway Isle.

Stitcher Jim I12 Island Sea of Thieves
Stitcher Jim can be found on the northwest section of the uncharted island at I12 / J12

This landmass is split into a few distinct sections. Stitcher Jim can be found on the northwest side of the island, standing beside a tepee that contains a photo of Merrick and Derrick, and a drum. Stitcher Jim is dressed is in his iconic raggedy clothing and head bandage, and also holds a Devil’s Roar-themed spyglass.

Approach Stitcher Jim and talk to him to find a few dialogue options:

Didn’t you betray your Alliance and pin it all on Captain Morrow?!

What are you doing out here?

Who’s your… erm… friend?

Speaking with Stitcher Jim unlocks the commendation, Lost and Scoundrel, which rewards 5 doubloons. There is another commendation that can be unlocked while on the island by collecting the drawings made by Stitcher Jim’s beloved. Completing these two is a great way to earn more doubloons is Sea of Thieves.

Once you find Stitcher Jim, you can get back to completing the Rag and Bone Crate deliveries for the Seaposts as part of the Smuggler’s Fortune update. Sail by the Sea of Thieves guide and walkthrough for even more helpful guides and event coverage!

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