Maiden Voyage campaign guide - Sea of Thieves

A complete walkthrough of the Maiden Voyage, the introductory quest and tutorial in Sea of Thieves.


The Maiden Voyage will be the first thing a lot of players experience in Sea of Thieves. This short yet powerful tutorial introduces new pirates to the world, teaching them the ropes, and showing a glimpse of what’s on offer. There’s a lot to do on the small island, so we’ve prepared this Maiden Voyage campaign guide to aid you in your quest to be a pirate legend.

Maiden Voyage overview

how to start maiden voyage sea of thieves

The Maiden Voyage is a short, 15 minute tutorial set on an island just outside the Sea of Thieves. On this island, players will be introduced to the Pirate Lord, receive their weapons and equipment, and learn about how to heal and how to repair and sail a ship.

For new players, the Maiden Voyage will begin immediately after choosing a pirate. Any veteran players can also start the Maiden Voyage by launching it from the main menu.

Maiden Voyage commendations

  • Unto the Horizon – You have reached the Sea of Thieves
  • A Storied Crossing – You discovered all of the Pirate Lord’s Journals on Old Sailor Isle
  • Hidden Secrets – You opened the hold of the Magpie’s Fortune
  • A Fine Catch – You caught a fish on the Maiden Voyage
  • Yer Boat – You discovered the rowboat on Old Sailor Isle
  • A Hearty Meal – You cooked some chicken on Old Sailor Isle
  • Saluting the Pirate Lord – You fired a cannon from the wreck of the Magpie’s Fortune
  • The Adventure Begins… – You completed all Maiden Voyage commendations

Maiden Voyage guide

sea of thieves maiden voyage guide
The first few tasks are straight forward. Eat a banana and get a sword!

The Maiden Voyage will start players in a sandy path leading down to a beach. Ahead of them will be the Pirate Lord, ready to send you on your way. The beginning of the tutorial is pretty straight forward: eat a banana, take the sword from the skeleton and kill it, speak with the Pirate Lord to get a shovel and map.

To look at the map, either hold left bumper on the Xbox controller or Q on PC to open up the map radial. Highlight the map and then release the buttons to equip it. Hold right trigger or left click to bring the map into view. You will need to work out where the treasure is buried based on your location.

sea of thieves maiden voyage buried treasure location
The chest is buried on the left (west) point of the island, right near the shipwreck.

Make your way to the sandy point near the shipwreck. Using the shovel, start digging in the sand where the X is marked. Digging in the correct spot will see you digging up a broken treasure chest. Take the chest back to the Pirate Lord.

A few more easy tasks must then be completed including: opening the chest and taking the equipment, swapping between weapons, using any of the equipment from the chest (lantern, hurdy-gurdy, etc). Once this is done, you can explore the island, completing commendations and the tasks found in the Maiden Voyage Tall Tale.

sea of thieves maiden voyage fix ship
You will need to raise the mast and fix it with planks before you can set sail. Remember to bail out the water and raise the anchor!

However, the task of reaching the Sea of Thieves still awaits. Return to the Pirate Lord and speak with him to continue onwards. He will direct you to repair your ship and then set sail. Board your ship, use the pullies and lines to raise the mast. Collect wood from the resource barrel and repair the damage. Now just raise the anchor, lower the sails, and man the helm!

Hidden Secrets – Magpie’s Fortune’s hold and the lost key

One of the Tall Tale commendations in the Maiden Voyage is to open up the hold in the Magpie’s Fortune. This hidden hold is at the bottom of the shipwreck and is locked by a key. The journal titled Lost Secrets reveals that the Pirate Lord has lost the key to this hold somewhere on the island.

sea of thieves maiden voyage key
The key is found in the pond by the Magpie's Fortune.

We’ve got a detailed guide on the Maiden Voyage key location, but the short of it is that the key is near the top of the Magpie’s Fortune shipwreck. Climb to the top of the ship and jump into the pond nearby. Search under the water near the waterfall to find the key in the sand.

Take the key down to the locked hold and interact with the lock to open it up. With the trapdoor unlocked, you’ll earn the commendation and gain access to some treasure.

Maiden Voyage Journals

There are ten journals to find on Old Sailor Isle as part of the Maiden Voyage. These journals are hidden all over the island. There are journals on the Magpie’s Fortune shipwreck, tucked away in and on the tallest peak, and even scattered around the mainland.

Regarding Merfolk

sea of thieves maiden voyage journal 1 regarding merfolk

The first journal can be found in the shipwreck beside where you dig up the chest for the Pirate Lord. Look for the door in the side of the wreckage, the journal will be submerged below the water on the wood. This journal used to be inside the wreckage in the water.

The Sea of the Damned

sea of thieves maiden voyage journals

This next journal is located in a secret cave behind the waterfall near the beach.

So Near and Yet…

maiden voyage journal sea of thieves

Another journal is inside the wreck of the Magpie’s Fortune (the big shipwreck on the hill). Climb the ladders to the next floor and search beside the resource barrels in the leaves.

They Gave It A Name

sea of thieves journals maiden voyage

Search the top of the Magpie’s Fortune, beside the helm, to find this journal.

Lost Secrets

sea of thieves journals maiden voyage

While you’re on the Magpie’s Fortune, climb to the top of the mast using the ladder to find the next journal. This journal mentions the Pirate Lord’s key to the ship’s hold.

My Secret Plan

maiden voyage journals sea of thieves

This next journal is indie the Magpie’s Fortune’s hold (as mentioned in the previous journal). You will need the key (mentioned above) to open the hold (which also unlocks the Hidden Secrets commendation). Once inside the hold, look to the left to spot the book. This hold also contains a lot of gold and doubloons – an excellent way to earn some gold and even a few hundred doubloons!

Lords of the Sea

journals maiden voyage

To locate this journal, go to the back of the island behind the Magpie’s Fortune. There is a ladder leading to the water, the journal is in some vines beside the ladder.

Paintings from the Past

sea of thieves journals

This journal is located at the top of the highest peak opposite the Magpie’s Fortune. Use the cannon to fire over there or use the path to reach the top. Jump up the rocks to find a little stool with the book.

Making Camp

maiden voyage sea of thieves journals

Another journal is found inside the mountain opposite the Magpie’s Fortune. Use the lever on the wall to open a door, revealing a camp. The journal is just inside in a broken crate.

A Ship That Fits

journals sea of thieves maiden voyage

The last journal is inside the mountain behind some metal bars. This book can be reached by swimming into the hidden cave or by going through the lever-controlled door mentioned above.

The Maiden Voyage in Sea of Thieves is a short and sweet introduction to the game’s basics. There are a few different hidden objectives and rewards, so even veteran players should jump in to collect their earnings. Weigh anchor at the Shacknews Sea of Thieves guide and walkthrough for even more pirate tips.

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