Sea of Thieves - Bronzebeard Error

Sea of Thieves is having another closed beta on Xbox One and PC, allowing would-be pirates everywhere an opportunity to live out their pirate-y fantasies. Unfortunately, some players are encountering a few errors that are preventing them from getting online and playing, one of which is the particularly dastardly Bronzebeard error.

How to Fix the Bronzebeard Error

The Bronzebeard error will sometimes pop up as you attempt to boot up Sea of Thieves, as you're signing in, or as you attempt to set sail. Whenever you encounter the Bronzebeard error, it means that Sea of Thieves was unable to connect you to the game.

Fixing the Bronzebeard error is pretty simple, regardless of whether you’re playing on console or computer. If you’re on console, press the Xbox One’s Guide button on your controller, highlight Sea of Thieves, and then press the Menu button (three horizontal lines), and then select “Quit”. This will close down Sea of Thieves. Now you can restart the game, and attempt to log in again.

If you’re playing on Windows PC, simply log out of Sea of Thieves and quit to desktop. Once the game has completely closed, reboot it and try signing in again. On a side note, Sea of Thieves in 4K ultrawide looks phenomenal.

In the event this doesn’t fix the problem the first time, try doing it again, and if it’s still not fixed, you may just need to wait it out or do a full system reboot. The Bronzebeard error is also common after maintenance, as a lot of players will be attempting to log back in. 

Hopefully you’ve managed to fix the Bronzebeard error in Sea of Thieves and are already back sailing the seas in search of buried treasure! Be sure to check back with us as we continue to cover the beta as well as the full release of Sea of Thieves on March 20.