Checking the Pirate Roster in Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves is rolling out to the entire world, and the entire world appears to be jamming up the servers. A large batch of error codes are greeting players. In some cases, error codes aren’t even appearing. Such is the case with the checking the pirate roster message that is currently holding up the entire Shacknews staff.

Checking the Pirate Roster

What does this mean? Not a lot, honestly. It means that the Sea of Thieves servers are overwhelmed, and it’s likely that if you wait on that screen long enough you’ll get an actual error code, such as Kiwibeard, Trimmedbeard, or even Bronzebeard. Seeing any of those three shouldn’t come as a shock if you you’re trying to get in and it’s the first few hours the game is live.

What you can do, though, is follow the Sea of Thieves Twitter account for updates. Developers these days often share the status of server down time on social media, and there is no better source of information than the folks at Rare who made the game.

While you’re stuck checking the pirate roster, read more about Sea of Thieves on Shacknews to get yourself ready for life as a pirate.