How to start Tall Tales in Sea of Thieves

Learn how to start Tall Tales in Sea of Thieves, whether it's the Shores of Gold or another Tall Tale altogether!


Starting a new adventure in Sea of Thieves is an exciting moment and the Tall Tales are no different. A Tall Tale is unlike a standard voyage as it offers a crafted narrative. In order to start a Tall Tale, you will first need to know where to look.

How to start the Shores of Gold Tall Tale

start tall tales sea of thieves
Find the Mysterious Stranger in any of the outposts and look for the journal beside him, this is the starting point of the Shores of Gold Tall Tale.

The first Tall Tale included in Sea of Thieves is the Shores of Gold. This Tall Tales offers players an adventure to pierce through the Devil’s Shroud in search of a gold-covered island. In order to start this Tall Tale, players must first head to an outpost in search of a mysterious figure.

Once you reach an outpost, head into the local tavern and search the back of the room for the Mysterious Stranger. Sitting beside the Mysterious Stranger, on top of a barrel, will be a journal titled the Shroudbreaker.

Approach the book and choose to “Vote For Tall Tale” to begin the Shroudbreaker voyage. This will begin the first voyage of the nine-voyage Shores of Gold Tall Tale. From here on out, each time you complete a mission, a clue will be given to you about where to start the next leg of the Tall Tale.

Check out our Shores of Gold Tall Tale campaign walkthrough for a thorough step-by-step guide on solving the tricky puzzles on offer!

Tall Tales Sea of Thieves
The Hungering Deep was a campaign that was only available for a short time. Tall Tales are permanent. 

Tall Tales is more than just a single questline in Sea of Thieves. Rare has stated that the Tall Tales is a platform that can be used to bring in more campaigns and narrative-focused voyages and quests for players. What’s more, these quests are a permanent feature in the game.

Unlike the Hungering Deep which left after a few weeks, Tall Tales are around for good. This means you don’t need to worry about finishing the Shores of Gold within a week, you can do it at your own speed.

Check back with Shacknews, as we’ll be sure to let you know how to start any other Tall Tales that Rare adds in the future. For now though, sail over to our Sea of Thieves guide and walkthrough for a comprehensive collection of pirate guides!

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      Is Sea of Thieves any different than when it first dropped? I know they added content, but the general structure of the game kind of sucked. I wish it was a proper MMO with proper loot.

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        There is a BR mode now

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            If you want an MMO, look elsewhere.

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            Definitely still as fun to play now as it was then, but they've added *so* much more.

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