Find the sketches by Stitcher Jim's beloved in Sea of Thieves

Locate all of the drawings made by the one Stitcher Jim refers to as his "beloved" in Sea of Thieves.


Hidden in Sea of Thieves are sketches made by Stitcher Jim’s beloved. These drawings are tucked away on an island and can be a bit difficult to find. Take the time to find the location of these sketches to receive a handful of doubloons and unravel a bit of the story surrounding the Smuggler’s Fortune update and what lies ahead.

Sketches of Stitcher Jim’s beloved

There are five sketches of to find and all of them have been drawn by Stitcher Jim’s beloved. The first hurdle will be finding Stitcher Jim, as he’s on the island where all the drawings are located. Unlike the journals in the Shores of Gold Tall Tale, all the sketches are on a single island, so you won’t need to go sailing to opposite corners of the map.

Set sail to the uncharted island found at I12 / J12. This is the uncharted island where Merrick’s Killer Whale galleon sunk. The wreck remains underwater with the only evidence of it above water being the crow’s nest.

Stitcher Jims Beloved sketch tepee Sea of Thieves
Search the remains of the tepee to find the first sketch made by Stitcher Jim's beloved.

One of the sketches can be found right by Stitcher Jim, leaning against the remains of a tepee. This drawing appears to depict Shipwreck Bay with the four closest seaposts highlighted.

Stitcher Jims beloved sketch lantern
Search beside the masked stranger to find the sketch on the ground.

The second sketch from Stitcher Jim’s beloved can be found near her dig site. Look beside her on the ground to see a lantern. Beside the lantern is a drawing of Wanda’s workshop in Wanderer’s Refuge.

Stitcher Jims beloved sketch barrels Sea of Thieves
Look near the broken barrels to find another drawing.

The third doodle can be found under the wooden ramp, tucked between two barrels. This sketch looks to be a dragon figurehead.

Stitcher Jims beloved drawings Sea of Thieves
The last two drawings of Stitcher Jim's beloved are right beside each other in some wooden crates above the dig site.

The fourth and fifth sketches are right beside each other. Walk up the ramp and look in the wooden crates. One sketch is of some containers, the other is of some chalices and a flag.

With all of Stitcher Jim’s beloved’s sketches found, you should unlock the Sketchy Stranger commendation. There are plenty more commendations and doubloons to unlock during this monthly Sea of Thieves event, so get to making those deliveries! Harpoon the Sea of Thieves guide and walkthrough for even more helpful collectible guides.

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