Valheim strategy guides and walkthroughs

Everything you need to know to survive the mythological land of Valheim.


Valheim is a brutal survival game filled with crafting, exploration, and challenging bosses. If you’re going to survive the dangers that await in Odin’s purgatory, you’re going to need some help. This article will act as a hub for all of the Valheim guide and walkthrough content that we’ve created, including boss guides, how to find new items, and more.

Valheim strategy guides and walkthroughs

Valheim strategy guides and walkthroughs
Some players will find it useful to build different buildings for the different crafting stations you can unlock in Valheim.

In Valheim, players take on the role of a Viking warrior brought to a strange land of purgatory to fight and gain Odin’s favor. Along the way you will need to unlock new crafting materials and recipes, as well as build up a base with improvements and crafting stations.

Last updated March 30, 2021.

Getting started in Valheim can be challenging, especially if you’re new to the game. To help you navigate the dangerous roads ahead, we’ve put together a slew of guide content, which you can find below.

Valheim Guides
Guide Link Description
How to set up a Valheim Dedicated Server A complete guide on how to set up a Valheim Dedicated Server for you and your friends.
How to beat Eikthyr Learn how to summon and beat the first boss in Valheim, the stag Eikthyr.
How to make a pickaxe Learn how to make your first pickaxe and mine for ores in Valheim.
Where to find Flint Learn where to find flint in good supply.
Where to find the merchant The merchant in Valheim is a useful little trader who will sell you unique items and even buy your valuable goods.
Where to find Copper Learn how to find Copper, one of the basic metals available to players in Valheim.
Where to find Tin Find out where Tin is located and how to mine it in Valheim.
Where to find Iron Learn how to find Iron and upgrade your tools for more durability.
How to repair tools You won't have to make a new axe every time yours breaks. Instead, Valheim allows players to repair tools easily.
How to get a fishing rod Learn where to get a fishing rod and how to catch fish for food in Valheim.
How to beat Bonemass Discover where to find, how to summon, and how to beat Bonemass, the third boss in Valheim.
How to get Wolf Armor Learn how to obtain the highly coveted Wolf Armor set and brave the frigid Mountain biomes.
Where to find Silver Start creating better armor and weapons by finding silver ore.
Where to find Surtling Cores Find out what Surtling Cores as well as learn the best places to stock up on them quickly.
Valheim console commands Take your single-player Valheim experience to new heights by using the console.
How to get Honey Wondering what to do with bee nests and how to get the Honey they drop in Valheim? Let us help.
How to plant seeds Not sure how to plant seeds in Valheim? It's actually a lot easier than you think.
How to back up your worlds and characters Worried about losing your character and world files? Here's what you need to do to back them up.
Valheim biome progression guide Not sure where to go next in Valheim? Here's the list of biomes that you can explore and when you should explore them.
How to craft a Fermenter - Valheim Learn how to craft a Fermenter so you can make Meads in Valheim.
How to build portals and fast travel Learn how to craft portals and fast travel around the world in Valheim.
How to get Chitin Learn how to get Chitin, a special material that can be used to craft a harpoon and other items in Valheim.
How to build a boat - Valheim Find out how to build a boat and sail the seas in Valheim.
How to find the perfect world seed in Valheim Learn how to find the perfect seed for your world in Valheim.
What does 'Play Valheim using Vulkan' mean? Here's everything you need to know about the 'Play Valheim using Vulkan' setting that appears on Steam when launching the game.
Maypoles in Valheim - Everything you need to know Learn what the Maypoles are all about in Valheim and whether you can make one to spruce up your village.
How to craft a Lox Cape Learn how to craft a Lox Cape so you can stay warm in Valheim.
How to get Entrails Learn how to get Entrails, an important component needed to craft Sausages in Valheim.
How to smelt Black Scrap Metal - Valheim Learn how to smelt Black Scrap Metal, a late-game material found in Valheim.
Fix Valheim F5 menu not working The latest update changed the way the F5 menu works in Valheim, and some players might be having issues getting it to show up now.
Valheim food recipes & all ingredient locations Here's every food recipe and ingredient you need to know about in Valheim.
How to upgrade the Workbench - Valheim Learn how to upgrade the Workbench, allowing you to craft more items in Valheim.
How to tame a wolf in Valheim Learn how to tame a wolf and reward it for being the best wolf in all of Valheim.
How to find Guck Sacks - Valheim Learn how to find and harvest Guck Sacks in Valheim.

We’ll continue to flesh out our Valheim content over the coming days as we dig deeper into the game. Make sure you bookmark this page and return to it at a later time for any new content or articles designed to help you get the most out of Iron Gate Studios’ survival adventure.

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