How to build a boat - Valheim

Find out how to build a boat and sail the seas in Valheim.


Boats are a fundamental part of moving around the world in Viking survival game, Valheim, and if you’re going to explore the wide world you’ve been given, you’re going to need to know all about boats, including how to build them. Luckily, we’ve got all the details right here. Let’s dive in.

How to build a boat - Valheim

There are currently three types of boats (or watercraft if you really want to get technical) you can make in Valheim. Each one requires different materials, and two will require you to unlock access to metals like Bronze and Iron. The three types of boats in Valheim include: the Raft, the Karve, and the Longship.

how to build boats - valheim
There are three different types of boats you can build in Valheim.

The Raft is as simple as you can get. Requiring the smallest amount of ingredients, it’s the slowest way to traverse the waters in Valheim. While it can be handy for crossing smaller channels between islands, those who want to explore to the edge of the world will need to rely on faster, stronger boats like the Karve and the Longship.

To craft the Raft you’ll need the following items and a Workshop:

  • 20x Wood
  • 6x Leather Scraps
  • 10x Resin

The next level of boats available in Valheim is the Karve. This smaller version of the Longship is perfect for adventurers just getting their feet wet in exploring the world. It features a small storage area, with just enough room for a few items to be stored that might be too heavy to carry around. Crafting the Karve will require:

  • 30x Fine Wood
  • 10x Deer Hide
  • 20x Resin
  • 80x Bronze Nails
Boat in Valheim
Each of the different boats allows you to traverse the waterways in Valheim much differently.

The best transportation available in Valheim, the Longship, can be crafted after players obtain access to Iron, as it requires Iron Nails to build. This is the fastest, largest ship available in the game, and it also features an entire chest’s worth of storage space for players transporting things like Ore and Metals. To build the Longship you’ll need the following items:

  • 40x Fine Wood
  • 40x Ancient Bark
  • 10x Deer Hide
  • 100x Iron Nails

As you can see, each of the different boats available in Valheim have their own pros and cons. The Raft, while cheap, is slow and offers no real storage options. The Karve is perfect for initial exploration, but it won’t hold much in terms of storage. The Longship, being the largest ship in the game, offers a ton of room for players, as well as a nice bit of storage to throw things that can’t be transported through Portals.

Now that you have a better idea how to build boats in Valheim, head back over to our Valheim strategy guide for even more useful information and content.

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