Where to find Silver - Valheim

Learn how to find Silver, one of the more advanced metals available in Valheim.


Silver is a more advanced resource that can be found in the more difficult areas in Valheim. Once obtained, it will allow players to craft more powerful tools and armor. In this guide, we’ll break down where to find Silver, as well as discuss an easier way to find it in the world.

Where to find Silver - Valheim

Players can find Silver in the Mountain biomes that are found throughout their game world. Unfortunately, these areas are quite treacherous, with enemies like Wolves, Drakes, and even Stone Golems roaming them freely. Players will also need to worry about a constant Freezing debuff, which can be temporary dispelled with Frost Resistant potions.

Where to find Silver - Valheim
Silver Veins in Valheim can often be found underneath the ground.

Unlike Copper and Tin, though, Silver is actually found in veins underneath the ground. Because of this, players looking to get their hands on this metal will have to roam around mountainous areas, blindly digging in the ground with their pickaxes. Luckily, there’s an item that can help with this, though you’ll have to defeat the game’s third boss, Bonemass, in order to unlock it.

If you’re looking for tips on how to beat Bonemass, then we’ve already published a guide for that. After you defeat the swamp-loving boss, it will drop an item called a Wishbone. When equipped the Wishbone will actually help you more easily locate items like Silver and even treasures that are buried in the game by emitting a sound and a visual notification when you are close to something.

Like other armor, all you need to do to equip the Wishbone is right click on it in your inventory. From here, head to the nearest Mountain biome and start looking around. We highly recommend bringing Frost Resistance Potions, or at least bringing materials to place down a ton of campfires to help slow down the loss of health caused by the Freezing debuff.

Once you find Silver, you can use it to craft an assortment of items like the Wolf Armor set, which is one of the better sets of armor available in the game.

Now that you know where to find Silver, you can check out the rest of our Valheim guides for even more useful information and content.

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