How to plant seeds - Valheim

Not sure how to plant seeds in Valheim? It's actually a lot easier than you think.


No matter what part of the game you’re in—early, mid, or late—you’ve probably come across your fair share of seeds in Valheim. From Carrot Seeds to Turnip Seeds, knowing what to do with these little guys is going to be important, especially if you want to look into growing up your own arsenal of snacks to keep your health and stamina up. In this guide, we’ll show you everything you need to know to plant seeds in Valheim, including some pointers on where to find them.

How to plant seeds - Valheim

 Unlike some games, which only require you to right click on the seeds and throw them down on the ground to plant them, Valheim won’t let you plant seeds unless you’ve unlocked the Cultivator. This recipe won’t unlock until you acquire Bronze, which can be crafted by combined 2x Copper and 1x Tin in a Forge.

How to plant seeds - A player uses a Forge to build a Cultivator.
The Cultivator can be built at the Forge using 5 Bronze and 5 Core Wood.

Once you have Bronze, you can craft a Cultivator with the following materials:

  • 5x Core Wood (gained from Pine trees in the Black Forest. Requires a Flint Axe.
  • 5x Bronze

With your Cultivator in hand, head out to the location that you want to set up as a farm. Now left click on the grass that you want to till and turn into soil. This will turn a small portion of ground into plant-ready soil.

How to plant Seeds - Valheim - A player uses the Cultivator to till the soil.
Make sure you create an area large enough to plant multiple seeds with a good amount of distance between them.

Now all you need to do is right click with the Cultivator equipped and then select the seeds that you want to plant. They’ll need to be in your inventory as well, so make sure to grab them from any chests you stashed them in. It’s also important to make sure you give your seeds plenty of room to grow. Plant them too close together and they won’t be able to grow, causing you to lose out on precious resources.

How to get seeds

Now that you know how to plant seeds, let’s talk about the different kinds of seeds and where to find them.

How to get Seeds - Carrot seed in the wild in Valheim
Carrot Seeds and other seeds can be spotted more easily with the grass graphics turned down low.

Seeds can be found in a multitude of areas, including out in the world, in chests, and even in dungeons. Look around for anything that looks like you could pick it up and collect it. Carrot Seeds and Turnip Seeds are especially valuable and will be needed for Mead Bases and other types of food that you can cook later in the game. We highly recommend stocking up on them as early as possible.

  • Carrot Seeds are found in the Black Forest, so make sure to do a few runs through any nearby areas when you can to look for them.
  • Beech Seeds can drop from Beech trees when you chop them down in the Meadows. This is one of the most basic types of trees you can chop, so you’ll probably amass a ton of these early on.
  • Turnip Seeds can be gathered from Turnip Flowers in the swamp. This answer is especially dangerous and is home to the game’s third boss, Bonemass, which you’ll need to defeat if you want to find Silver.
  • Ancient Seeds are a boss spawn item and can be found inside of Burial Chambers and chests found in the Black Forest. These seeds can also be dropped by Greydwarf nest, as well as Brutes and Shamans. They are used to spawn the game’s second boss, The Elder. Unfortunately, you can’t plant or use these seeds in any other way.

Since Valheim is still early access, more seeds could be added down the line. We’ll keep this guide as up to date as possible anytime new seeds are added or found. For more help, check out our Valheim guide.

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