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Valheim console commands and cheats guide

Take your single-player Valheim experience to new heights with these console commands and cheats.


For players who are willing to put in the time and effort, Valheim offers one of the better survival experiences in the last few years. In its current early access state, the game does not currently have an official creative or sandbox mode, making building and progression difficult for those without lots of time or patience. Thankfully, players have some options for acquiring items and materials outside the bounds of the game’s design. By using the built-in console commands players can spawn a variety of objects or cheats. Valheim debug mode can also serve as a limited creative mode.

How to access the console in Valheim

A player crafts an item at a workbench in Valheim - Valheim console commands and cheats

To get started entering commands or cheats, players must first access the console. Thanks to update 0.148.6, the console is no longer enabled in-game by default. Instead, you will need to add the launch argument "-console" to the Steam launch settings. Make sure to remove the quotations before launching.

Once the console has been enabled, simply press F5 on the keyboard to bring up the developer console. To enable cheats within the game client, type “devcommands” into the console prompt and hit enter. Players should note that enabling cheats is only supported in single-player mode. This function is disabled on multiplayer servers.

How to spawn items or NPCs in Valheim

Once players have enabled cheat mode in their single-player game, it is possible to spawn in a selection of items or entities with the console. To get started, open the console with F5 and enter the following string:

spawn [item] [quantity] [level]

If you have aspirations of spawning flint, you simply use the string above, inserting flint after the spawn command, followed by the quantity desired. For example, the proper string for getting 25 pieces of flint would be:

spawn flint 25

If you would like to spawn specific NPCs or enemies, you use the same string, placing the entity name after the spawn command, followed by desired quantity and level. For 15 level 1 skeletons, the string would look like:

spawn skeleton 15 1

Full Valheim spawn item command list

Thanks to Reddit user u/Demogrim, there is a comprehensive listing of spawnable items and entities in Valheim. Refer to this listing for any possible item you are looking for. Make note that not every item in the list is working correctly (this game is still in early access) and attempting to spawn some things may cause bugs or crashes.

Valheim cheat codes and server commands

The following cheats are available from the console once cheats have been enabled in a single-player game. Server commands work in multiplayer games.


  • god – Enables God Mode.
  • pos – Print current player position.
  • goto [x,z] – Teleport to entered coordinates.
  • killall – Kills all nearby enemies.
  • tame – tames all nearby tamable animals.
  • exploremap – Explore entire map.
  • resetmap – Reset map exploration.
  • location – Spawn location.
  • freefly – Freefly Photo Mode.
  • ffsmooth – Freefly smoothness.
  • event [name] – Start event.
  • stopevent – Stop current event.
  • tod [0-1] - Sets time of day. Both 0 and 1 will give you midnight, whereas 0.5 will give you noon.
  • tod -1 - Resets time of day to default.
  • skiptime [seconds] - Skips forward in time, allowing you to change your day number and time of day.
  • sleep - Skips forward one day.
  • raiseskill [skill] [amount] – Raise skill level (for example raiseskill jump 100).
  • removedrops – Remove all item-drops in area.
  • resetwind – Resets the wind.
  • wind [angle 0-360] [intensity 0-1] - Sets wind to specified angle/intensity.
  • players [num] – Sets difficulty scaling based on the number of players (0 = Reset).
  • spawn [item] [quantity] [level] - Spawns the specified item.
  • resetcharacter – Reset Character data.
  • dpsdebug - Toggles the damage-per-second debug overlay on/off.
  • removedrops - Removes dropped items in the area.
  • setkey [name] - Sets a new global key.
  • resetkeys [name] - Resets the specified key.
  • listkeys - Lists all the global keys.
  • env [env] - Sets debug environment.
  • resetenv - Resets the debug environment.

Server commands

  • help – List all commands
  • info – Print system info.
  • save – Force save of world.
  • ping – Show ping
  • kick [name/ip/userID] – Kick player from server
  • ban [name/ip/userID] – Ban player from server
  • unban [name/ip/userID] – Unban player from server
  • banned – List banned players
  • lodbias [0-5] – Set draw distance for server

How to enable creative mode in Valheim

Once players have enabled cheats in their single-player game by entering “devcommands” into the console prompt, it is possible to enable a "creative" or debug mode in Valheim. This mode can operate as a poor man’s creative mode until the game officially offers such a feature. To enter this mode, use the following string:

debugmode - Enables Creative Mode

Debug mode commands

  • Z - Pressing Z while in Creative Mode will allow you to enter Flying Mode
  • K - Pressing K while in Creative Mode kills all enemies in the area.
  • B - Pressing B while in Creative Mode will allow you to repair any items without a Workbench, along with free placements of any items.

For more guides, walkthroughs, and anything else related to Valheim, be sure to check out our ever-expanding hub. Our crack guide team will have you up and running in no time so you can get the most out of your Viking survival experience.

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