Where to find iron - Valheim

Start finding iron in Valheim so you can make stronger weapons, tougher ships, and stronger bases.


There are a lot of different resources to find in Valheim and one of the most powerful is iron. For players that are just beginning to explore this wide branch of Yggdrasil, finding iron will be a top priority, but it might a bit of a mystery. Before you set out to get iron, make sure you’re ready for a fight and a bit of a slog.

Where to find iron

Iron can be found in Sunken Crypts in the Swamp biomes in Valheim. The Sunken Crypts look like small stone buildings, illuminated by green torches, with an iron gate leading to a descending set of stairs. The iron gate will be locked, so you must bring a Swamp Key with you. Swamp Keys are dropped by The Elder boss fight, the second boss fight players should try to find.

sunken crypt valheim
Deep in the swamps are Sunken Crypts. These dungeons contain iron scraps that can be smelted down into iron.

Sunken Crypts also contain Withered bone, an item needed for the Bonemass boss fight!

The swamp biomes where you find iron are scattered all throughout the world. Because the map in Valheim are randomly-generated, the swamps for you will be in a different spot to someone else. It’s a good idea to search your starting island first, before going to another island, as you cannot carry iron through a portal.

swamp sunken crypts valheim
Marking down all the Sunken Crypts can help if you plan on doing a mining run with a team.

When you do reach a swamp, start working your way through, marking down any Sunken Crypts you find – or enter the first one you come across. Inside the Sunken Crypts will be something called Muddy Scrap Piles. Destroy these using a pickaxe (like the Antler Pickaxe) to get scrap iron. You will then need to smelt the scrap iron to get an iron ingot.

muddy scrap pile iron valheim
Muddy scrap piles contain iron scraps and Withered bone.

Be warned, the Sunken Crypts are extremely hostile. Each one contains Blobs, Draugr, as well as spawners. Work through the labyrinth one section at a time. It’s a good idea to bring some Poison Resistance mead to help with the Blobs.

The Sunken Crypts in Valheim are where players will find their first deposits of iron. These little dungeons are chock full of powerful enemies, but it’s worth the effort. You may also find gold and other goodies that are useful for buying items at the merchant. Be sure to sail over to the Shacknews Valheim guide for more helpful tips.

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