How to find Guck Sacks - Valheim

Learn how to find and harvest Guck Sacks in Valheim.


Like many of the items found in Valheim, players will be able to use Guck to craft new gear. In this guide, we’ll show you how to find Guck Sacks and harvest this precious resource for crafting.

How to find Guck Sacks - Valheim

Guck is an interesting resource in Valheim and while you won’t use it in as many items as other things like Iron or Silver. Still, knowing how to get it will be important, as you can use it to craft a powerful bow that allows you to poison enemies when you shoot them.

how to find Guck Sacks - Valheim
Guck is acquired by breaking open Guck Sacks.

To acquire Guck, you’re going to need to make your way over to a Swamp biome and look out for the glowing green of the Guck Sacks that hang on the sides of the trees in the area. These sacks contain multiple pieces of Guck, and when destroyed will yield the crafting material for you to use to craft the following items:

  • Draugr Fang (bow)
  • Standing Green-burning Iron Torch
  • Green Banner

The easiest way to get up to the Guck Sacks is to build a floor panel on the tree and them jump up to it. From here, you can build another panel and jump up to it, too. Valheim’s building system sees the tree as a foundational item, so you shouldn’t have any issues building up to the Guck Sacks so that you can harvest them.

Once harvested, simply delete the panels that you used to reach the Gucksack and you should be good to continue on. You will need to gather a hefty amount of Guck for the items if you want to craft them, and also look out for any Draugrs, Leeches, or other enemies in the area.

Now that you know how to get to Guck Sacks, head back over to our Valheim guide for even more useful information.

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      i would post a picture of a tree with a bunch of random floor pieces reaching high guck sacks, to make it clear what that looks like

      i think the normal process for everyone is,

      1. try to chop down tree. ok guess not
      2. get the 1 guck sack that is low enough to mine
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      5. get infinite guck
      6. pew pew new bow!

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      I'll locate my own guck sack, thanks Josh.

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