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How to get Honey - Valheim

Wondering what to do with bee nests and how to get the Honey they drop in Valheim? Let us help.


Honey is a common resource in Valheim that is used in many recipes, especially as you start to cook different Mead Bases and stews. Because of its extensive use, you’re going to want to learn how to get Honey early on. Thankfully, we’ve got a ton of experience with beekeeping in Valheim, and we’ve detailed everything you need to know right here.

How to get Honey - Valheim

Honey can be eaten on its own, giving players a 20 Health and 20 Stamina boost when ingested. The best use for this harvestable resource is the creation of Mead Bases, which allow you to craft various potions that can help with healing, Frost Resistance, and even Heat Resistance. As such, getting a good source of Honey early on can change the mid and late game for you quite a bit.

How to get Honey - Valheim
Having plenty of Beehives will ensure you never run low on Honey ever again!

The first thing you need to know about Honey is that it drops from Beehives. More importantly, you’ll need to find Queen Bees and craft these Beehives if you want a stable and reliable source of Honey for your crafting purposes.

To find Queen Bees, you’re going to want to head out into the world and look for abandoned houses. These can usually be found within the Black Forest, the Meadows, and around the Swamp. It’s really up to chance how often you come across them due to the game’s procedurally generated worlds. Once you find a Beehive you can break it using a bow and arrow or by breaking the walls that it is currently attached to.

Be careful! Bees will sting you and poison you if you get too close to an active Beehive.

Once you’ve demolished the Beehive, it will drop a Queen Bee, which you can use to craft your very own Beehive—which won’t attack you when you get close! Head back to your base and grab the following resources to craft a Beehive:

  • 10x Wood
  • 1x Queen Bee

You’ll need to have a Hammer equipped—just like when you build your base structures—and a Workbench nearby before you can build the Beehive. Once it is built, though, the Beehive will slowly generate up to 4x Honey for you before you have to empty it. Much like planting seeds, you’ll need to ensure Beehives aren’t too close together or they won’t create Honey.

With your own Beehive farm started, you can start collecting Honey and using it to create new Mead Bases and other items. For more help, make sure you also check out our Valheim guide, which features a ton of other useful content for any would-be Vikings venturing into Iron Gate Studios’ survival crafting adventure.

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      "Much like planting seeds, you’ll need to ensure Beehives aren’t too close together or they won’t create Honey." Actually not true. Mine are right next to each other and still produce. Seems like such a simple thing (setting up beehives) to write a guide for.

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