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How to smelt Black Scrap Metal - Valheim

Learn how to smelt Black Scrap Metal, a late-game material found in Valheim.


Black Scrap Metal is an item that players can acquire from killing Fulings while exploring the Plains biome in Valheim. The first time you get your hands on Black Scrap Metal, you’re probably going to want to try to smelt it. Unfortunately, the Smelter won't let you process this late-game metal, and you're going to need to do a little bit of work before you can start processing it.

How to smelt Black Scrap Metal - Valheim

how to smelt black metal scrap - Valheim
Black Metal Scrap is dropped by Fulings, a goblin-like enemy found in the Plains of Valheim.

Like most metals in Valheim, Black Scrap Metal needs to be smelted before you can use it to craft items with it. Unfortunately, smelting this metal isn’t as simple as throwing it into a Smelter and calling it a day. Instead, players will need to acquire an item called a Blast Furnace, which is basically like an improved version of the Smelter that can only process Black Metal Scrap and Flametal Ore.

To obtain the Blast Furnace, players are going to need to first defeat Moder and acquire the Dragon Tear, an item dropped by the boss. You’ll need to gather Dragon Eggs if you want to spawn and kill Moder, one of the more formidable bosses in the game. Once killed, you can use the Dragon Tears to build an Artisan Table, which will unlock the recipes for the following items:

  • Spinning Wheel
  • Windmill
  • Blast Furnace

The Blast Furnace requires a hefty amount of materials to craft, including Stone, Surtling Cores, Iron, and Fine Wood. Once built, though, you can smelt Black Metal Scrap, which will turn into Black Metal. This item can then be used to craft a number of items like the Black Metal Atgeir, Black Metal Axe, Black Metal Knife, Black Metal Sword, Black Metal Shield, and Black Metal Tower Shield. Much like Iron or Silver, Black Metal and Black Metal Scrap cannot be transported via the portal system.

Black Metal Scrap when processed - Valheim
Black Metal is made by smelting Black Metal Scrap in a Blast Furnace.

Now that you know how to smelt Black Metal Scrap, you can start working towards gathering more and crafting the new weapons and shields that you want to use. Unfortunately, there are no armors associated with Black Metal just yet. For more help, be sure to return to our Valheim guide.

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