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How to find the perfect world seed in Valheim

Learn how to find the perfect seed for your world in Valheim.


Because Valheim uses a procedurally generated world, players can actually change up what their world looks like by setting a specific seed at the launch of a new file. While you can rely on the randomness that comes with setting a new seed, those looking to find the perfect seed can use these simple tricks to get ahead of the curve.

How to find the perfect world seed in Valheim

One of the most enticing things about Valheim is being able to explore a new, procedurally generated world each time you play. Of course, not everyone likes the randomness that comes from generating worlds based on seeds, and those looking for a little order in the chaos will be happy to know that there are ways to know exactly what kind of world you’re getting yourself into.

While you could blindly fill in different seeds, or even grab recommended seeds from Reddit or other websites, those who want a real focused look at their new world will want to check out the Valheim World Generator.

how to find the perfect seed in valheim
Here's a look at a random seed that we entered into the Valheim World Generator. Note the options on the left-hand side.

This handy tool, which was made by user wd40bomber7, can actually generate a render of what the map looks like, allowing you a chance to see it in its full glory before you ever load in. You can enter in a seed of any type—or choose random if you still want to try your luck.

Once the world renders, you can select from a list of options on the side, which control whether you can see things like Runestones, Crypts, boss locations, and even places that Guck can be found. Guck is similar to materials like Iron, and can be acquired to gain access to better weapons and gear.

It’s a really nice way to get a look at your new world, or even an old one if you haven’t explored everything just yet. Of course, we don’t recommend using the world generator until you’ve already explored your first world a little bit simply because it does take away the wonder and allure of exploring and finding new things for the first time.

Finding the perfect seed is all about seeing what works for you and the Valheim World Generator makes it even easier to see if you like the layout of the world that you’re going to spawn into. For more help with Valheim, you can also check our out Valheim guide.

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