Valheim biome progression guide

Not sure where to go next in Valheim? Here's the list of biomes that you can explore and when you should explore them.


As players progress in Valheim, they’ll need to explore new biomes and take on various bosses to unlock new items. As it stands now, though, the game doesn’t offer any real direction on where players should go, which is why we’ve put together this handy biome progression guide to help you figure out which area you should explore next.

Valheim biome progression guide

Valheim biome progression guide - where to go next
With Valheim's map offering so much to explore, knowing which biome to go to next is important for players.

Most maps that players spawn into will start them in the Meadows biome, this is the easiest biome and one that we recommend building your first base in. It’s easy to find wood, and you won’t have to worry about a ton of enemies spawning—especially more powerful enemies like Trolls and Skeletons. After a while, though, you’ll outgrow it, and figuring out where to go next might be a bit difficult, especially if you happen to have a seed with a ton of different biomes around your main area.

That’s where we come in. Below we’ve listed out the five different biomes in the order that you’ll need to navigate them, starting with Meadows. It should be noted that while the Mistlands biome is technically in the game, it isn’t currently finished, so we’re not counting it in our main list at the moment.

  • Meadows – easiest biome, full of Boar and Neck. Good starter base location.
  • Black Forest – second easiest biome. Full of Greydwarf nests, Skeleton spawns, and Troll Caves. Also where you’ll find various Burial Chambers to explore. Can find Tin and Copper in the Black Forest, which can then be turned into Bronze. 
  • Swamp – third biome you’ll visit. Full of Draugrs, home of the third boss, Bonemass, and also where you’ll find Crypts to explore which contain Scrap Iron. Perfect place to farm for Entrails and other useful items that can help you make mid-game items like Sausages and certail Meads.
  • Mountain – one of the more difficult biomes, you’ll need Frost Resistance armor or Meads to traverse the Mountain biome for any amount of time. This is where you’ll find enemies like the Wolf and Drake, as well as Silver, a primary metal that you’ll use to craft end-game items like Wolf Armor.
  • Plains – the most difficult biome in the game at the moment, you’ll need to upgrade your armor quite a bit before you can withstand the onslaught of Deathsquitos and other creatures that roam the Plains. Only place you can plant and harvest Barley and Black Metal Scraps—which are used in end-game recipes.

As mentioned above, the Mistlands is also another biome in the game, however it isn’t finished. From the look of things, it will come after the Plains, though, so it’s best if players avoid it when enemies are added in the future.

Neck in the Meadows - Valheim
Every biome offers unique items and materials, so make sure you explore each one as you become strong enough.

Now that you know the biome progression for Valheim, make sure you check out our Valheim guide for even more useful information and content.

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      "Most maps that players spawn into will start them in the Meadows biome,"

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