Maypoles in Valheim - Everything you need to know

Learn what the Maypoles are all about in Valheim and whether you can make one to spruce up your village.


You’ll find hundreds of items to craft and collect in Valheim, the hit Viking adventure game from Iron Gate Studio. As you build up your base, you’ll want to take advantage of items that increase your Comfort Level, allowing you to rest and gain a timed buff that can make all the difference in those big boss battles you’ll take part in. The Maypole is one such comfort item and Valheim players have been looking for more info on what the Maypole does, where to find it, and even how to craft it.

Maypoles in Valheim - Everything you need to know

Maypoles, as mentioned above, are just one of many comfort items you can find throughout the land of Valheim. These rare structures can sometimes be found in the middle of abandoned villages within the Meadows biome, and when built around, they provide 1 Comfort Level towards your building’s overall comfort output. They also look stylish within your villages, so having one can help make things feel a bit homier.

Maypoles in Valheim - Everything you need to know
Maypoles can be found out in the world, though they are rare.

What do Maypoles do?

Maypoles don’t really do much. Unlike other comfort items like the Hearth, Maypoles do not have any use outside of looking nice and adding one additional tick to your Comfort Level. They can’t be interacted with. They can’t be moved, and they can’t be used to craft anything.

Much like the Campfire, Maypoles will only provide that +1 to your Comfort Level when within its radius. It’s unclear exactly how large the radius is, but some users have noted it feels small, so make sure you build close to the pole if you want to take advantage of it.

Can you craft Maypoles?

Unfortunately, Maypoles cannot currently be crafted. However, it is possible that we will start to see them available in the future, as you can craft them using console commands, and the game already has the following recipe noted down:

  • 10x Wood
  • 4x Dandelion
  • 4x Thistle

Because the recipe is already known, users have speculated that the Maypole could become a craftable item in the future. For now, though, you’ll need to find one if you want to take advantage of its additional Comfort Level.

That’s really all we know about Maypoles in Valheim so far. We’ll be sure to update this article should they become craftable or if they change in any way in the future. For now, make sure you check out the rest of our Valheim guides for even more useful content.

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