Where to find Flint - Valheim

Learn how to find Flint, a basic crafting resource used to make arrows, spears, and other items in Valheim.


Flint is a common resource in Valheim, and one that players will use quite a bit as they upgrade their tools, build different crafting stations, and even craft arrows. In this guide, we’ll break down the best places to look for Flint, so you never run out.

Where to find Flint - Valheim

Valheim can be a brutal game if you don’t know what you’re doing and make sure you’re always prepared and upgrading your tools and weapons will be extremely important to surviving the dangers ahead. That’s why Flint is such an important material, especially early on when most of the core metals in the game aren’t available to you.

Where to find Flint - Valheim
Finding items like Flint will be easier if you turn the settings for grass and foliage as low as they can go.

As one of the most basic items in the game, Flint can be found in the starting area, the Meadows biome. These areas often contain a ton of deer, boar, and other useful items that you can use starting out, and you’ll find Flint situated around the shores of various bodies of water in these regions. It can be spotted along the shore as well as under the surface of the water just off dry land.

To easily spot Flint, look out for light gray colored stones that almost look elliptical in shape. When you spot one, approach it and if it is Flint, you should see the name pop up for it.

Finding Flint will allow you to craft an assortment of tools and other items, including the Flint Axe, Flinthead Arrow, Flint Knife, and Flint Spear. Since Flinthead Arrows are one of the earliest types of arrows you can make, we highly recommend gathering a large amount of Flint whenever possible to ensure you don’t run out of ammunition for your bow.

Now that you know where to find Flint, you can dive deeper into the world that awaits you in Valheim and start taking down bosses like Eikthyr. Make sure you also check out our other Valheim guides for even more useful information and content.

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