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How to craft a Fermenter - Valheim

Learn how to craft a Fermenter so you can make Meads in Valheim.


Meads are an important part of progressing in Valheim, and these special items work very similar to potions in other RPGs. If you want to make Meads, though, you’re going to need to get your hands on a Fermenter. Luckily, we know exactly how to craft a Fermenter and we’ll walk you through everything you need to know in this article.

How to craft a Fermenter - Valheim

The Fermenter is one of many important crafting stations players will need to build in Valheim. Like the Workbench or Forge, this particular station can be built fairly early on, and the earlier you build it the better. To get started crafting the Fermenter, you’re going to need to first learn how to craft Bronze.

how to craft a fermenter - valheim
You can craft a Fermenter using the Hammer. You'll need a Forge nearby.

Bronze is a starter metal that can be crafted by combining 2x Copper Bar and 1x Tin at the Forge. You’ll actually need Bronze for a number of key items—like improved axes, pickaxes, and weapons or armor. If you need help finding Copper or Tin, then make sure you check out our corresponding guides which we’ve linked here.

Once you have Bronze, you’re going to need to make a Bronze Axe, this will allow you to chop down Birch and Oak trees, which will reward you with Fine Wood, a special type of wood needed to craft certain items and crafting stations. These trees—like Birch trees—can be found all around the world, though you’re more likely to find them around the Black Forest and in the Plains, though the latter area is one of the more difficult biomes in the game at the moment.

After unlocking the option to gather Fine Wood from trees, you’re going to need to gather the following resources:

  • 30x Fine Wood
  • 5x Bronze
  • 10x Resin

Resin—like other mob drops—can be obtained by killing Greydwarf enemies. Chances are you’ve probably already amassed a small fortune of Resin by the time you’re looking to craft a Fermenter, but if you haven’t, go out and kill some Greydwarfs to grab some.

When you’ve crafted your Fermenter, you can start turning Mead Bases into actual useable items like Frost Resistance Meads, Tasty Mead, and more. If you’re looking for more help, then be sure to head over to our Valheim guide for more useful information.

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