Where to find the merchant - Valheim

The merchant in Valheim is a useful little trader who will sell you unique items and even buy your valuable goods.


The world of Valheim is full of mysterious things, but one constant you can rely on is the merchant. Known as Haldor, this dwarf trader offers various goods for purchase and will also be more than happy to buy the valuable items you’ve likely been collecting throughout your spelunking.

Where to find the merchant

The merchant Haldor seems to spawn in the Black Forest in Valheim. Whether he spawns in one location only is currently unknown, but I can say that he spawned on my starter island. In order to find the merchant, you will need to begin exploring Black Forest locations. As you get near him, a little bag icon will appear on your map. The radius for this is actually quite generous – I was sailing around the perimeter of my island when the icon popped up deep in the forest.

If the merchant is not on your starting island, you will need to search other nearby islands until you find him. Alternatively, you can start up a new server using a seed that has the merchant in a good spot.

merchant trader location valheim
The merchant (or trader) in Valheim is highlighted by a bag icon.

When you do manage to find Haldor the merchant, you will be able to purchase a variety of items from him using gold coins. These are the coins you can collect from enemies, dungeons (like the ones where you find iron), and other sources. He will also buy amber and rubies from you and any other valuables.

Create a portal near Haldor so you can quickly reach him from your home base. Portals need Surtling cores to be crafted.

Haldor the merchant's inventory

haldor merchant items inventory valheim
Haldor has a bunch of useful items including a fishing rod and the Megingjord.

Haldor has a few goods you can purchase from him for gold coins. These prices are rather steep, so it can be a good idea to spend some time collecting gold coins and selling valuables.

Haldor merchant inventory
Item Price Effect
Yule hat 100 Looks like a Santa hat
Dverger circlet 620 Creates light without needing to equip a torch
Megingjord 950 Increases the max carry weight by 150 points
Ymir flesh 120 Crafting item used to make a hammer
Fishing rod 350 Used to catch fish
Fishing bait x50 10 Used to catch fish

For players just starting their journey in Valheim, Haldor the merchant might not be worth finding right away. His wares are quite expensive and his location is often difficult to reach. However, once you’ve got a good supply of resources, things like the fishing rod and Megingjord make surviving and exploring a breeze. Swing by the Shacknews Valheim guide for more useful content.

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