Where to find Surtling cores - Valheim

Learn where to find Surtling cores in Valheim so you can begin forging and making portals.


Surtling cores are one of the most valuable resources in Valheim. Not only do they allow players to make smelters and kilns, but they are critical in creating portals. Finding a decent supply of Surtling cores for all your exploring and crafting needs will be a top priority for those looking to reach the Bronze Age.

Where to find Surtling core

Surtling cores can be found inside Burial Chambers in the Black Forest in Valheim. These Burial Chambers are dotted all over the place and, as the name suggests, are heavily defended by skeletons.

Burial Chambers are also where you can find the vegvisir for the Elder boss fight.

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Surtling cores can be found in Burial Chambers. They can also be found in Swamps by defeating Surtlings.

To locate a Surtling core in a Burial Chamber, work your way through each tunnel section, being sure to search the labyrinth thoroughly. A good strategy is to open a door and clear that entire room before moving on to another door. This ensures that all open doors mean an area has been thoroughly searched and all closed doors lead to new rewards!

The Surtling cores will be on little wooden sticks in treasure rooms. Grab the Surtling core to unlock a recipe for the smelter and the kiln – two items needed to begin forging bronze ingots from tin and copper. Thanks to a recent update, each Burial Chamber should contain a decent supply of cores, roughly 4 to 6.

When you have advanced a bit more, Surtling cores can also be found in the Swamp biome. This is an extremely dangerous area full of poisonous creates and powerful Draugr which can one-shot even well-equipped players. To find Surtling cores in the swamp, you will need to defeat Surtlings, which are fire demon enemies. They are often found around fire geysers and are deceptively easy to kill.

On the topic of Burial Chambers, this is where you will find the vegvisir for The Elder, the second boss in Valheim. It’s a good idea to focus on gathering Surtling cores and setting up a forge before you attempt that fight, though. Check out the Shacknews Valheim guide for more resources on your journey across the 10th world!

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