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Where to find Tin - Valheim

Find out where to find Tin and how to smelt it in Valheim.


Tin is another of the basic metals that players can find in Valheim. It can be acquired with the Antler Pickaxe, which is the very first pickaxe players get their hands on. While not that useful on its own, Tin can be mixed with other metals to create new types of ingots that players can then use to craft weapons, armor, and tools. Learning where to find Tin will be an important part of progressing in Valheim.

Where to find Tin - Valheim

Tin is actually one of the easiest metals to find in Valheim because of where it typically spawns. The best way to locate Tin is to head to the Black Forest and start looking around near the water.

where to find tin - valheim
Tin can be found near the water's edge while exploring in the Black Forest biome.

Areas like lakeshores, rivers, and any inlet that has water in it is the perfect place to spot Tin. It is usually a shiny-looking piece of stone that juts out of the ground just a tiny amount. There are other pieces of stone around that look similar, though Tin has a bit more of a metallic look to it, especially in the daylight or when carrying around a torch at night.

Tin can be used to make a Cauldron, which you can then use to create Mead Bases, which you can ferment into actual potions. Each piece will take two pieces of Coal to smelt in the Smelter, which you’ll want to build as soon as you have the required Surtling Cores and stone. When smelted, Tin can then be mixed with Copper at a Forge to make Bronze, which is required to craft items like bronze armor, bronze tools, and even Bronze Nails, which are used to craft the Karve, a small ship that can sail faster than the raft.

Now that you have Tin, you can better equip yourself for the dangers that lay ahead. For more help, head back over to our Valheim guides page or check out our guide on how to get Iron, another important metal that players will need to gather.

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