Where to find Copper - Valheim

Learn how to find Copper, one of the basic metals available to players in Valheim.


There are a plethora of materials and resources for players to collect and craft within Valheim. Those looking to upgrade their armor, weapons, and tools will need to learn where to find Copper, one of the most basic metals available in Valheim.

Where to find Copper - Valheim

As one of the fundamental metals in Valheim, players will make use of Copper quite a bit in the early game. Many upgrades for the Forge and Workbench require Copper or Bronze, a more advanced metal we’ll cover in a later guide. For now, though, let’s focus on where you can go to find Copper.

where to find copper - Valheim
Check the Black Forest for Copper Deposits that you can mine with a pickaxe.

Like many other items, Copper can be found inside of Black Forest biomes. Depending on where your main spawn is, finding a Black Forest might be as simple as walking a few hundred feet in one direction, or it could mean going to the other side of your island. Either way, grab your pickaxe and then go looking for the biome.

Once you find the Black Forest—which will appear on your screen as well as on the minimap, you’ll want to start looking around for Copper Deposits. The easiest way we found to locate Copper Deposits is to glance down at any stone-like ground that you see when exploring. If it is a Copper Deposit—or any kind of deposit for that matter—then it will pop up with a bit of text on your screen, similar to the image below.

Unfortunately, there’s no special way to find Copper more easily than just running around and looking for it. But, as long as you’re exploring the Black Forest biome, you have a pretty good chance of coming across a vein that you can tear into with your pickaxe.

Now that you know a bit more about where to find Copper, you can head back over to our Valheim guides for more useful information and content, including a guide on how to beat Eikthyr, the game’s first boss.

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