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Valheim food recipes & all ingredient locations

Here's every food recipe and ingredient you need to know about in Valheim.


Food is a vital part of Valheim’s core gameplay, and having multiple food options on hand can help you maximize whether or not you’re getting the most health, stamina, and healing per tick. While you can find a number of ingredients around that you can eat, this guide will help you learn more about each food recipe, as well as where to find all cooking ingredients in the game.

Valheim food recipes & all ingredient locations

Valheim food recipes & all ingredient locations
You can cook items a multitude of ways in Valheim.

While there are several items that you can find and simply cook over a campfire, those who want to take advantage of the best food combinations in Valheim will want to start cooking some of the more advanced recipes that you can acquire in the game. You’ll learn more of these recipes as you craft items like the Cauldron, but for now, we’ll go over all of the recipes you can unlock, as well as discuss the ingredients needed to cook that particular item.

All Valheim Food Recipes
Recipe Name Recipe Ingredients
Grilled Neck Tail 1x Raw Neck Meat
Cooked Meat 1x Raw Meat (from Boars and Deer)
Cooked Fish 1x Raw Fish
Cooked Serpent Meat 1x Raw Serpent Meat
Queens Jam 8x Raspberries, 8x Blueberries
Turnip Stew 1x Raw Meat, 3x Turnips
Carrot Soup 3x Carrots, 1x Mushroom
Cooked Lox Meat 1x Lox Meat
Lox Meat Pie 2x Cloudberries, 2x Cooked Lox Meat, 4x Barley Flour
Serpent Stew 1x Mushroom, 1x Cooked Serpent Meat, 2x Honey
Fish Wraps 2x Cooked Fish, 4x Barley Flour
Blood Pudding 2x Thistle, 2x Bloodbag, 4x Barley Flour
Sausages 2x Entrails, 1x Raw Meat, 4x Thistle
Bread 10x Barley Flour

Now that you know more about recipes, let’s talk about cooking materials. You’re going to want to gather a lot of different ingredients. Here’s a complete list of all the cooking materials currently available in Valheim, as well as which biome you can find them in.

All Cooking Ingredients
Ingredient Name Where to Find Can You Eat It Without Cooking?
Yellow Mushrooms Black Forest / Crypts Yes
Cloudberries Plains Yes
Mushrooms Meadows Yes
Raspberries Meadows Yes
Blueberries Meadows Yes
Carrots Black Forest Yes
Honey Beehives Yes
Barley Plains No
Turnips Swamp No
Raw Meat Boar and Deer  No
Raw Serpent Meat Kill Serpents in the Ocean No
Raw Lox Meat Kill Lox in the Plains No
Neck Tail Kill Neck in the Meadows No
Thistle Black Forest and Swamp No
Entrails Kill Draugr in the Swamp No
Blood Bags Kill Leeches in the Swamp No

For more help with cooking or other things, be sure to head back over to our Valheim strategy guide.

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