How to get Chitin - Valheim

Learn how to get Chitin, a special material that can be used to craft a harpoon and other items in Valheim.


Chitin is a somewhat rare material that players can find in Valheim. When gathered, it can be used to craft a few special items. In this article, we’ll show you how to get Chitin and provide some additional tips to help you find it out in the world.

How to get Chitin - Valheim

As mentioned above, Chitin is a bit harder to find than other resources. This is because this special material can only be mined from nodes called Abyssal Barnacles, which are found on the backs of Leviathans—massive living, moving islands that are found in the Ocean biome.

How to get Chitin in Valheim
Chitin can be mined from the barnacles on the back of Leviathans.

Coming across Leviathans can be tough, which means you’re going to need to grab some supplies and go exploring. We recommend running with a Karve, because it’s the cheapest ship to build outside of the raft and is pretty quick when sailing at full speed around the various waterways in Valheim. Once you’ve made a Karve, head out into the Ocean and look for any islands that appear more arched and rocky. While Leviathans do have a small tree or two on them, they usually stand out easily compared to other pieces of land you'll come across.

Many Leviathans can easily be spotted because they look like small circular islands, and the Abyssal Barnacles that you farm are very easy to spot as you get closer. Once you’ve found one, approach it—be sure to place your boat so that the ladder is facing the Leviathan—and then hop aboard. You’ll need a Pickaxe to mine the Chitin, and after mining a few nodes, the Leviathan will start to flee, sinking into the water. Make sure you don’t run out of stamina too soon and start taking damage—this is why you’ll want to park your ship close to the edge of the Leviathan with the ladder point towards you.

Despite it’s hard-to-find nature, Chitin isn’t used for that many items, and to be completely honest, they really aren’t that useful when you start to progress in the game. Chitin is currently only used to make two items: the Abyssal Razor and the Abyssal Harpoon. While the latter can hook onto enemies and hold them in place to a degree, you’ll quickly replace the harpoon with more powerful gear, especially as you get your hands on Silver and other mid to late-game materials.

With Chitin acquired, you can now craft two more items for your arsenal. For more help, head back over to our Valheim strategy guide.

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