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Fix Valheim F5 menu not working

The latest update changed the way the F5 menu works in Valheim, and some players might be having issues getting it to show up now.


If you’ve been making use of Valheim’s debug mode and console commands, then you might have noticed that the F5 menu stopped working following yesterday’s update. If you’re trying to access the console commands menu, then you’ll need to jump through a few new hoops.

Fix Valheim F5 menu not working

If your F5 menu isn’t working in Valheim following the latest update, then you’ll need to close the game and open up the properties window in your Steam library. This can easily be done by right-clicking on the game and then selecting Properties from the list that pops up.

Once in the Properties window, ensure you’re on the General tab and then look for Launch Options at the bottom of the section. You should see a blank line (or you might already have some other launch options in there).

Fix Valheim F5 menu not working

Go ahead and type “-console” into that box, being sure to remove the quotations. Once that is done, close out the Properties window and launch the game again. You don’t need to do anything else outside of Valheim.

When you’ve loaded into your world, go ahead and press F5 again. This should bring up the console now. The command used to activate cheats has also changed with the update, so you’ll want to type “devcommands” now instead of “imacheater”. The debug command of “debugmode” is still the same, though.

Now that you know how to fix the Valheim F5 menu not working, you can get back to enjoying the game however you want to enjoy it. If you’re looking for more help with the commands, though, head over to our Valheim console commands guide. You can also check out our most recent guides on how to smelt Black Metal Scrap, or for more info, head over to our main Valheim strategy guide.

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