How to craft a Lox Cape - Valheim

Learn how to craft a Lox Cape so you can stay warm in Valheim.


The Lox Cape is just one of many mid to late-game items that players can get their hands on in Valheim. When equipped, the Lox Cape will negate the Freezing and Cold Effects found in the Mountain biome, allowing you to more easily move around that area without freezing to death. In this guide, we’ll show you how to craft the Lox Cape, talk about how to farm Lox when you aren’t high enough level to roam the plains, and more.

How to craft the Lox Cape - Valheim

how to craft the Lox Cape - Valheim
You can craft the Lox Cape after acquiring Silver and Lox Pelt.

The Lox Cape is easily one of the best items in Valheim, especially if you want a solid cape that’s cheap to upgrade and also provides a good bit of warmth. The biggest hurdle players will encounter when it comes to getting the materials needed for the Lox Cape is traversing the snowy areas where Silver is found and gathering Lox Pelt, which can only be obtained from killing Lox in the Plains.

Users can craft the Lox Cape as soon as they have acquired both Silver and Lox Pelt as well as a Workbench that is at least level 2. To craft the Lox Cape you’ll need the following items:

  • 6x Lox Pelt
  • 2x Silver

While the Lox Cape isn’t quite as durable as the Wolf Cape—nor does it fit as well visually with the Wolf Armor—it is much cheaper to craft as the Wolf Cape requires 16 Silver, versus the 2 Silver the Lox Cap calls for. The Lox Cape also only requires Lox Pelt to upgrade, which allows you to increase the Armor count that it offers.

In order to get the Silver you need, you’re going to want to acquire the Wishbone, which is dropped by Bonemass, the game’s third boss. Once you have the Wishbone, you can equip it and head into the Mountain biome. Check out our guide on how to get Silver if you want more help.

Lox in the wild in Valheim
A Lox roaming the Plains in Valheim

Once you have Silver, you need to get Lox Pelt. Since Lox are found in the Plains, farming for them can be exceptionally dangerous, especially for underpowered characters. Because of this, we recommend setting up a Portal so that you can fast travel. Set it up on the outskirts of the Plains and be sure to build some strong encampments around it.

Now all you need to do is grab a bow, head to the Plains, and start looking for Lox. We’ve had good luck finding a few stragglers around the edge of the Plains, which makes it easy to farm them from the relative safety of the bordering biomes. You’ll still need to look out for enemy patrols, as well as Deathsquitos, but overall, it’s relatively easy to farm them in this manner.

Now that you know how to get Lox Pelt, as well as how to craft a Lox Cape, you can head back over to our Valheim guides page for even more useful info and content.

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