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The Outer Worlds is a complex role-playing game from Obsidian Entertainment. It offers players multiple ways to complete most in-game quests and provides multiple endings. This page will act as a hub for all our content related to The Outer Worlds, including guides, walkthrough content, and general information. If you’re stuck on something, browse through what we have on offer to see if Shacknews can help you on the path.

General information

The Outer Worlds review: Your story to tell

If you’re on the fence about The Outer Worlds, take a few minutes to read our review of the PC edition of Obsidian Entertainment’s Game of the Year contender.

How long does it take to beat the game?

If you’re curious about how long it will take you to beat The Outer Worlds, we’ve broken it down by style of play, multiple runs, and given you some ideas for the required time investment.

The Outer Worlds Nintendo Switch release date

The Outer Worlds is releasing on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on October 25, 2019, but it’s also coming to the Nintendo Switch. Stay current on the release date for the Nintendo Switch.

The Outer Worlds voice actors and cast list

Ever wonder who plays the role of Parvati in The Outer Worlds? Our voice actors and cast list will help you put a face to that familiar voice you’re hearing in-game.

Tips to not be terrible playing The Outer Worlds

For those that want to hit the ground running in The Outer Worlds, our tips will give you some insight to help you make good decisions, and we’ve been careful to avoid spoilers.

Does The Outer Worlds have a third-person mode?

Given how much detail players can put into their characters, it’s reasonable to wonder if there is a third-person mode available. We’ll dig in and explain how this works.

What is the max level in The Outer Worlds?

Curious of just how far you can level your character in The Outer Worlds? Our guide will give you the answer, as well as some additional information about leveling and using perks.

Major quest decisions

Who to give the medicine to during The Long Tomorrow?

Martin Abernathy will ask you to get him some medicine, but Esther also wants it. Look at how we handled this decision and how it played out for us long term.

Where to redirect power in Comes Now the Power

One of the first major decisions players will need to make is about redirecting power away from one group and to another. We’ll help you sort through the best path for your style of play.

Give the Targeting Module to MSI or the Iconoclasts - Sanjar, Graham, Zora

Players have their work cut out for them to get Monarch in working order. Eventually, following the Monarch quests far enough, players will need to decide who to give the Targeting Module to in Candid's Cradle. Let us help you decide.

How to guides

How to get more bits in The Outer Worlds

Bits are the currency used in The Outer Worlds, and at certain points in the story players are going to need a bunch of them. Here’s a guide on how to make more than you’re currently earning.

How to get inside the Loose Lips room in the Saltuna Cannery

If you wandered into the Saltuna Cannery in Edgewater and found the Loose Lips room, you are probably curious about how to get inside. We solved this problem for you.

How to use the Holographic Disguise

You’re going to want to get inside some off-limits areas as you make your way across the planets. To do this more effectively, learn the ins and outs of the Holographic Disguise and how you can extend its use.

Location guides

Weapons from the Void - Get all Science Weapons

Science Weapons come from a quest called Weapons form the Void, and make up some of the most unique, fun, and powerful weapons players can use. Our guide gives you the location of each and instructions on how to obtain them.

Guide to Mechanical Engineering locations

There are three volumes to the Guide to Mechanical Engineering required for The Frightened Engineer quest. We’ve got all three locations in case you walked right past one.

Geothermal Security Chief’s Keycard location

Players will need to get into the security office during a quest called Die, Robot from Ludwig Miller. To do this, locating the Geothermal Security Chief’s Keycard is essential, and we have it.

Rest-n-Go Keycard locations on the Groundbreaker

There are three Rest-n-Go Keycards on the Groundbreaker, each necessary to open on of three bins at the Rest-n-Go. Our guide will help you find each one of them in just a couple minutes.

This hub is a work in progress. We'll continue to add more guides as we go. Be sure to bookmark this page and return often to see what other shenanigans you can get up to in The Outer Worlds.

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