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A collection of guide and walkthrough content for The Outer Worlds, helping players tackle all their in-game obstacles.


The Outer Worlds is a complex role-playing game from Obsidian Entertainment. It offers players multiple ways to complete most in-game quests and provides multiple endings. This page will act as a hub for all our content related to The Outer Worlds, including guides, walkthrough content, and general information. If you’re stuck on something, browse through what we have on offer to see if Shacknews can help you on the path.

Updated September 15, 2020

General information

General Guides
Guide Link Description
How long to beat The Outer Worlds? Find out how long The Outer Worlds takes to complete.
How to not be terrible at The Outer Worlds Some helpful tips that will ensure you aren't completely terrible at The Outer Worlds.
Can you play in third person? Find out whether you can play in third person mode or not.
The Outer Worlds voice actors and cast list A complete breakdown of all the voice actors and cast in The Outer Worlds.
What is max level in The Outer Worlds Find out what the max level in The Outer Worlds is.
How to respec your character Learn how to respec your character and reset your attributes and skills.
Does The Outer Worlds have cross save? Find out whether The Outer Worlds has cross save or not.
Best builds and character creation overview Need help finding a good character build? Here are a few of the best ones available right now.
How to start the Peril of Gorgon DLC Learn how to start the new Peril of Gorgon DLC in The Outer Worlds.
How to open the Loose Lips Door inside the Saltuna Cannery Everything you need to open the Loose Lips Door inside of the Saltuna Cannery.

Major quest decisions

Major Decision Guides
Guide Link Description
Where to redirect power in The Outer Worlds A complete guide on where to redirect the power in The Outer Worlds, including what happens after you make your choice.
Give medicine to Esther or Abernathy? Should you give the medicine to Esther or Abernathy? Here's what you need to know.
Give the Targeting Module to MSI or Iconoclasts? Learn whether you should give the Targeting Module to MSI or the Iconoclasts.

Location guides

Item Location Guides
Guide Link Description
How to get bits Learn how to get bits.
Unlock all companions Your how-to on unlocking all companions in The Outer Worlds.
The Holographic disguise Find out how the Holographic Disguise works in The Outer Worlds.
Weapons from the Void - All Science weapons A complete guide to finding all the Weapons from the Void.
Find the Geothermal Security Chief's Keycard Learn how to find the Geothermal Security Chief's Keycard.
Rest-n-Go Keycard locations A quick guide on all the Rest-n-Go Keycard locations.
Mechanical Engineering locations A breakdown of all the Mechanical Engineer locations in The Outer Worlds.
Kitchen Keycard location - Peril of Gorgon Find the Kitchen Keycard location in the Peril of Gorgon DLC.
Master Bedroom Keycard - Peril of Gorgon Learn how to find the Master Bedroom Keycard in Peril of Gorgon.

This hub is a work in progress. We'll continue to add more guides as we go. Be sure to bookmark this page and return often to see what other shenanigans you can get up to in The Outer Worlds.

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