Dr. Blossom's Office Keycard - The Outer Worlds: Murder on Eridanos

Learn how to get Dr. Blossom's Office Keycard and where to use it in The Outer Worlds: Murder on Eridanos.


There are plenty of locked doors for players to find keys to in The Outer Worlds: Murder on Eridanos and those who want to find all the secrets the DLC has to offer will need to find every key. Dr. Blossom’s Office can be found inside of the RR&DD Lab in Purpleberry Orchard and players will need to obtain Dr. Blossom’s Office Keycard if they want to get inside.

Minor spoilers for Murder on Eridanos await you below. Read at your own discretion.

Dr. Blossom’s Office Keycard - The Outer Worlds: Murder on Eridanos

To reach the RR&DD Lab in Purpleberry Orchard, players are going to need to continue the main quest A Momentary Taste of Purpleberry. Once you’ve gained access to the RR&DD Lab, head inside and speak with Dr. Blossom to continue the quest.

You’ll actually need to see this quest through if you want to gain access to Dr. Blossom’s Office. She’ll task you with gaining control of the lab again and taking care of the various workers who have lost their minds on the floors below. There are a couple of different ways to take care of this task. You can sneak your way through the lower levels, or you can just blast your way through the infected that you run into.

I’ll let you decide how you want to deal with the trouble. Either way, complete Dr. Blossom’s task, and then she’ll come back over the comms and ask you to return to the office level, where she’ll unlock the door and give you the info that you’re looking for.

How to get Dr. Blossom's Office Keycard - The Outer World: Murder on Eridanos
You can get Dr. Blossom's Office Keycard after coming back up the elevator and listening to the event unfold across the loudspeaker system.

Head back up the elevator and you’ll find yourself in a short bit of dialogue. Listen in and then leave once the door opens. Head into the office and loot the area to find Dr. Blossom’s Keycard on her body. Her office can be found in the hallway just to the left when you exit the main lab to the room with all the benches. Unlock it and loot the safe inside. There’s also a bottle of Rizzo’s Spectrum Vodka, which you’ll need to unlock the Spectrum Gatling.

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