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SLUG Storeroom Key - The Outer Worlds: Murder on Eridanos

Learn how to get the SLUG Storeroom Key in The Outer Worlds: Murder on Eridanos.


As players explore the Grand Colonial, they’ll find a number of nooks and crannies just waiting for them to crawl through. One of the many locations you can come across is the SLUG Storeroom, which is situated near the employee area. If you want to gain access to the goodies in this area, you’re going to need to get the Storeroom Key. 

How to get the SLUG Storeroom Key

To get the SLUG Storeroom Key, you’re going to need to complete the side quest The Pool Where Horror Dwelt. This quest can be unlocked by speaking with the guard near the green-colored pool outside of the Grand Colonial.

How to get the SLUG storeroom key - TOW: Murder on Eridanos
You'll need to get the SLUG Storeroom Key before you can open the door.

Once acquired, you’ll need to mix together a certain set of chemicals in order to clean the pool and return it to normal. We’ll break this process down a bit more in our guide on should you clean or ruin the pool in Murder on Eridanos, but for now let’s focus on what you need to do to get that key.

Head to the Sun Parlor and look at the board near the vats to pick up some info about the chemicals that you need to mix correctly. You’re going to need to mix the chemicals in the following order:

  • Vat 1 - #1
  • Vat 2 - #5
  • Vat 3 - #4
Dolph gives you the SLUG Storeroom Key for doing a good job - TOW: Murder on Eridanos
Talk to Dolph after clearing up the pool to get the SLUG Storeroom Key.

Once you have selected the correct chemicals, interact with the terminal and then return to the pool with the cleaner. Install it in the filter and speak with the guard again. He should offer up the key as a reward. If he doesn’t, use your Persuade skill to press him for a little more payment.

Now that you know how to get the SLUG Storeroom Key, head over to our The Outer Worlds strategy guide for more useful information and content.

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