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Rest-n-Go Keycard locations in The Outer Worlds

We've got the locations to all three Rest-n-Go Keycards in The Outer Worlds.


As players dive into The Outer Worlds and eventually make their way to the Groundbreaker, they will land at a place called the Rest-n-Go. Anyone who explores will find three locked bins in the back room behind the counter, each requiring a Rest-n-Go Keycard. Since these are single use, I’ll show you where to find all three Rest-n-Go Keycards.

Rest-n-Go Keycard #1

Rest-n-Go Keycard The Outer Worlds

The first Rest-n-Go Keycard is found just past the security office on the Groundbreaker. As you walk by with the security office on your left, look for a large room full of crates with the number 13 on the wall nearby. Duck into that room, then look for a smaller room on the right as you enter. It will have a table and some bunks for sleeping, and the Rest-n-Go Keycard is on the back shelf. This room is also how you get to one of the Science Weapons in The Outer Worlds.

Rest-n-Go Keycard #2

The second keycard will require either Stealth 40, or you’ll need to kill someone. Stealth 40 can be hit by using the right armor and bringing the right companion, or just simply spending the skill points. Once you have Stealth 40, enter the Rest-n-Go establishment and look at the clerk behind the counter. His back will be to the room with the locked bins. Crouch behind him and use one of our tips for not being terrible at The Outer Worlds, pick pocketing. This will get you the second Rest-n-Go Keycard.

Rest-n-Go Keycard #3

Just past the Rest-n-Go is Spacer’s Choice vendor. You know, the one with the funny hat that everyone is losing their minds over? Head behind the counter and lockpick the back room of that business. On the floor in that locked room is the Rest-n-Go Keycard you seek. It’s sitting to the right of a shelf and under a few crates. You can barely see it sticking out, but it’s there. Thanks to my buddy, Scanner, for the assist on the last one.

Now that you’ve got the Rest-n-Go Keycards, head over to The Outer Worlds guide we have going. It’ll help you with the hardest parts of the game, including tough decisions that can shape the ending.


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