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Weapons from the Void - Get all Science Weapons in The Outer Worlds

Complete Weapons from the Void and collect all five Science Weapons in The Outer Worlds.


The Outer Worlds has a total of five Science Weapons for players to collect. These fall under a quest called Weapons from the Void, sending players all over the game to collect some of the coolest guns a player could ask for. In this guide, I’ll show you the location and methods for collecting each one.

Weapons from the Void

Collecting the Science Weapons in The Outer Worlds is part of a quest called Weapons from the Void. For players that don’t have that quest, collecting a single Science Weapon will prompt it to initiate, and we can hook you up with an easy one to get started.

Shrink Ray

Shrink Ray The Outer Worlds
Weapons from the Void The Outer Worlds

The Shrink Ray can be found at Phineas’ Lab, which players can visit as soon as they decide where to divert power in The Outer Worlds and fix their ship, the Unreliable. Use the System Map on the Unreliable to set a course for Phineas’ Lab. Once there, leave the ship and head for Phineas. He’ll be standing behind some glass for his own protection (a neat narrative way to keep players from killing him), and the Shrink Ray is found directly to the right when you’re looking at him.

Prismatic Hammer

Prismatic Hammer The Outer Worlds

The Prismatic Hammer can be found on the Groundbreaker. Players can get it any time once they make it through Customs. As you pass by Customs, walk past the security office and duck into the big room full of boxes on the left. Head into the crew quarters there and hop up on top of the lockers. Crouch and walk to the other side where you’ll find several enemies. Dispatch these fools and search their bodies for the Repair Hangar Keycard. Use it to open the door on the north side of the room. The Prismatic Hammer will be on the desk inside.

Mandibular Rearranger

Mandibular Rearranger
Science Weapons The Outer Worlds

The Mandibular Rearranger can be found at the Hephaestus Mining outpost on Scylla, which is a small location that players should be able to clear in only a few minutes. When you arrive, leave the Unreliable and head for the cluster of buildings at the end of the road. There are enemies around here, so you’ll want to clear them out first, but this is another easy weapon to snag compared to the next two on the list.

Mind Control Ray

Mind Control Ray The Outer Worlds

The Mind Control Ray can be found during a quest. In fact, there’s no point going to get it unless you have the quest since the path is identical. You can, but better to kill two birds with one stone. Visit Lilya Hagen on the Groundbreaker to get a quest called Space-Crime Continuum. This will take you to Monarch to speak with Catherine Malin in Fallbrook. Next, head to the location marked in Space-Crime Continuum during the Siphon the Gas step.

The end of the Space-Crime Continuum quest will see you using a terminal. While looking at this terminal, go east (left) towards what looks like an elevator shaft. You’ll need to make a jump, climb a ladder, make another jump and climb another ladder, but you’ll find the Mind Control Ray sitting next to a dead body on the floor. Save your game in case you fall trying to get back to the original room.

Gloop Gun

Gloop Gun Terminal Keycard
Gloop Gun The Outer Worlds

The Gloop Gun is also on Monarch and is the most difficult Science Weapon to obtain. Not because of the enemies around, that’s the Mind Control Ray, but because you need extremely high Hacking or a keycard. Don’t worry, though, because we have you covered.

The Gloop Gun is locked in a case at the UDL Lab on Monarch. It’s high on a mountain and can be accessed from the east or west. The west side of the lab has a locked gate that you probably don’t have the keycard for, so skip that and approach from the east (facing west). There will be nothing other than enemies to deal with as you hit the UDL Lab from the east.

When you arrive at the UDL Lab you will find the Gloop Gun locked in a case. There will be a terminal next to it that either requires 100 Hacking, or the UDL Lab Weapon Terminal Keycard. You can find this keycard in the same building. Head up to the second floor and find the card blending in with a desk, next to one of the inactive terminals. Grab it and head downstairs.

Use the keycard to unlock the terminal and choose Unlock Gloop Gun Containment Unit. If you have high enough Hacking, you can override the login and get the Gloop Gun right away, or you can answer three questions with the following answers:

  • Protect the Chairmen
  • Berate him relentlessly to defend the Chairman’s honor
  • Arrest your spouse and admit your children to a reeducation program

The glorious Gloop Gun will now be yours, and it’s one of the more fun (and effective) weapons you can find in The Outer Worlds. Make sure to tinker with it to get some additional damage and put it in one of your active slots to give it a whirl.

Now that Weapons from the Void is complete and you’ve collected all Science Weapons, be sure to visit The Outer Worlds guide and walkthrough for help with all the game’s toughest decisions.


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