What is the max level in The Outer Worlds?

Find out what the max level in The Outer Worlds is, and what to expect as you level up along the way.


Players finally have their hands on The Outer Worlds and have started diving into the wonderful world and characters created by Obsidian Entertainment. While do so, they’ve been collecting XP and bumping up their character’s level. This brings many to wonder just how far they can go. What is the max level for a character in The Outer Worlds?

Max level in The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds has a maximum level of 30. This means that players can earn XP to get more skill points and perks up to level 30, but not beyond. While this may not seem like much, this is still probably going to take 40 to 50 hours, as detailed in our guide on how long it takes to beat The Outer Worlds.

Along the path to level 30, players will unlock 10 skill points to apply to their character for each time they level up, as well as a perk point every other time they level up. This means players can have up to 30 perk points, assuming they don’t earn others through gameplay. In The Outer Worlds, if your character goes through something traumatic often enough, the game will offer you a perk point to take a hit in some of your stats. It’s pretty genius but it takes some consideration.

If you’re not sure how to hit the max level of 30 in The Outer Worlds, consider reading up on our tips to not be terrible at The Outer Worlds. In that article, I detail how you should be getting caught stealing and pick pocketing every now and then, as well as finishing all your dialogue options with NPCs. There’s XP to be had, but you must work for it.

Now that you know the max level for The Outer Worlds, visit The Outer Worlds guide and walkthrough hub we have going to keep tabs on all the game’s biggest decisions and most complicated systems.

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