Find the Geothermal Security Chief's Keycard in The Outer Worlds

During the Die, Robot quest, players must break into the Geothermal Power Plant security office.


As players make their way through the first quests offered in The Outer Worlds, they’ll potentially pick up a quest called Die, Robot from Ludwig Miller just outside of Edgewater. This quest will require players to retrieve a Logic Module, and that either requires picking a lock, or finding the Geothermal Security Chief’s Keycard.

geothermal security chiefs keycard the outer worlds

Geothermal Security Chief’s Keycard

As part of the Die, Robot quest in The Outer Worlds, players will need to find a Logic Module for Ludwig Miller. This item is locked in the security office at the Geothermal Power Plant. The Office can be accessed if players have 45 Lockpicking on their character and the required Mag-Picks in their inventory. This might be a lot to ask this early in the story, so many will seek out the Geothermal Security Chief’s Keycard.

geothermal security chief keycard location the outer worlds

To find the Geothermal Security Chief’s Keycard, turn north from the security office and head just down the hall and into the next big room. You’ll be on the second story platform. Turn right and go down the ramp on the right side. At the bottom of the ramp, go right through the door and head directly north to the far end of the room. Ignore the door on the right and take the stairs on the left. Behind a knocked over table in this room the Geothermal Security Chief’s Keycard can be found on a dead body. Retrieve it and backtrack to the security office to open the door.

security chief geothermal keycard the outer worlds

Now that you have the Geothermal Security Chief’s Keycard and access to the security office, grab the Logic Module for Ludwig Miller. There are many other reasons to be in this building, though, such as one of the Mechanical Journals, and the choice of who to divert power to. More help with items and quests can be found using The Outer Worlds guide and walkthrough.

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