Open the Loose Lips door inside the Saltuna Cannery in The Outer Worlds

Learn how to access the door to get into the Loose Lips room found in the Saltuna Cannery.


When players arrive in Edgewater in The Outer Worlds, they will soon arrive at the Saltuna Cannery as part of a main quest. Once there, exploring players will discover a door with Loose Lips written above it. The door is barred, though, but we located the other entrance so you wouldn’t be locked out from picking up all the sweet loot.

How to get in the Loose Lips room

Looking through the window of the Loose Lips room, you can see there’s a door on the other side. That’s the way in but exploring the Saltuna Cannery won’t help you out. The door to get into the Loose Lips room is outside of the walls of Edgewater in the Emerald Vale region.

Leave the Saltuna Cannery and head to the west Edgewater exit that leads to Emerald Vale. Travel north along the street and then turn northeast (right) after the second building and duck down the alley. Turn east (right) at the back of the building and walk along the wall of the Saltuna Cannery. You will see a door on the south wall of the Saltuna Cannery that will need to be picked. This door will transition players back to Edgewater.

Once inside the Loose Lips room players can remove the bar from the door they originally couldn’t use to exit back into the Saltuna Cannery. However, there are several pieces of loot to pick up in this room, most of which is in two bins. There’s nothing groundbreaking here, which is a bit of a bummer, but locked rooms must be accessed at all costs. This is the life of the video-game explorer.

Now that you know how to get int the Loose Lips room, visit The Outer Worlds guide and walkthrough. We help you unlock the secrets of game, including getting through quests with the best possible outcome.


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