How to get bits in The Outer Worlds

Use these methods to quickly fill your bank account with bits in The Outer Worlds.


Getting bits in The Outer Worlds is as important as picking the right gun for a fight. You’ll need bits to do just about anything in the game, from purchasing gear to buying mission critical information. The only problem is, much like getting money in real life, getting bits in The Outer Worlds is tough. Thankfully, we’ve dealt with the Board and we know some of the best ways to get bits fast!

get bits the outer worlds

How to get bits in The Outer Worlds

Bits is the main currency in The Outer Worlds. These credits are used to purchase items from vending machines, other characters, and are crucial in progressing the story once you reach the Groundbreaker.

For a lot of players, the major hurdle will be when you must purchase a certain item from Gladys for 10,000 bits. This is going to be early on in the game when your wallet is likely at its lightest. To solve this problem, and set yourself up with a lot of bits, you’re going to want to start doing the following.

Collect and sell everything

get bits by selling to vending machines The Outer Worlds
Visiting a vending machine and selling unwanted goods is a great way to make some bits.

First and foremost, when it comes to an RPG where you can sell things, you should always be selling things. The Outer Worlds is no different in this respect. As you explore Edgewater, collect absolutely everything you see: duplicate weapons, sets of armor, food and other consumable items. Anything you might not want should be sold at a vending machine.

The alternative to selling to a vending machine is breaking down armor and weapons. This will obviously net you valuable weapon and armor parts, but it’s likely you won’t want to upgrade armor and weapons anytime soon.

If you explore all available rooms, open all containers, and loot every marauder (or NPC) you kill, you should be able to make a small fortune.

Keep in mind that you will need to make sure you have at least 20 points in Hack to unlock the ability to send things at vending machines. Check out our character creation guide for a full breakdown on the attribute system and the skill levels.

Complete side quests

get bits in the outer worlds
Talk with every NPC to find as many quests as you can. Some earn you a pretty good amount of bits.

Outside of selling items, completing side quests is going to be one of the best ways to make more bits. Every side quest you complete will reward you with valuable XP, and perhaps even a few bits if you’re lucky. Wherever possible, always try and get some kind of reward for your efforts. This can best be done with more skill points in the Dialogue tree.

Roseway and Gladys

roseway side quest bits The Outer Worlds
If you choose to sell the information to Gladys, you'll make a lot of bits but you'll "botch" the quests.

Finally, the specific mission that requires you to have 10,000 bits takes you to a section of Terra 2 where a lot of money can be made. Talk to each of the scientists around Roseway to get side quests from them. Each side quest requires you to find some of their research.

A lot of the research is found in one building, making this pretty simple. The trick here, though, is instead of returning to the scientists, return to Gladys with their research. You can sell all of the research to Gladys for a hefty sum of bits. This will obviously make you “botch” their missions so you will need to weigh up whether this is the right option for you.

Making more bits in The Outer Worlds is easy if you know a few tricks. The most obvious one will be picking up everything you see and selling it with the next most valuable method being side quests. However, for the mission involving Gladys, you can actually sell her more research than she actually needs. With your pockets full of bits, you’ll be able to purchase the data and get on your way. For more helpful guides, check out the Shacknews The Outer Worlds guide, where we detail everything you need to know about Obsidian’s sci-fi RPG.

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