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Does The Outer Worlds have cross save?

More games are getting cross save these days and players want to know if they can play The Outer Worlds on console and then switch to PC.


The question of whether or not The Outer Worlds has cross save is worth asking. Now that it’s finally out across multiple platforms, those on Xbox One and Windows want to know whether Microsoft’s Play Anywhere feature applies to Obsidian Entertainment’s sci-fi RPG. Being able to shift from console to PC would sure be helpful.

Does The Outer Worlds have cross save?

Unfortunately, the answer to the question “does The Outer Worlds have cross save?” is no. Despite being available on Microsoft Windows and Xbox One, The Outer Worlds does not have any form of cross save system.

The Outer Worlds cross save
The lack of cross save in The Outer Worlds isn't all that bad.

To make this even odder, The Outer Worlds is an Xbox Game Pass title. It’s available on the Xbox version and the PC version of Microsoft’s Netflix-like service, and yet it does not allow for cross saves.

Further confusion is added when you realize Obsidian Entertainment has been acquired by Microsoft. Typically, when a company Microsoft owns launches a game, that game is available as a Play Anywhere title, meaning it has at minimum cross save and potentially cross platform play. However, it’s worth keeping in mind that development of The Outer Worlds started prior to the acquisition and the team at Obsidian Entertainment were already in a deal with Private Division for publishing.

The end result of all this means that, despite that Obsidian Entertainment is now a Microsoft-owned studio, The Outer Worlds is not a Microsoft-owned game. It was published by Private Division across Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and later on, Nintendo Switch.

Thankfully, Xbox Game Pass subscribers can still enjoy The Outer Worlds on Xbox One and PC at a price lower than the monthly launch price of Fallout 1st.

While cross save is not currently a feature in The Outer Worlds, stranger things have happened post-launch. For instance, Destiny 2 has only just added a cross save feature some two years after it released. For more answers to your every question, check out the Shacknews The Outer Worlds guide and walkthrough hub!

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