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The Outer Worlds voice actors and cast list

Learn the names of all the voice actors in The Outer Worlds so you can put a name to the voice you keep hearing!


The Outer Worlds is full of marvellous characters brought to live by an equally marvellous group of voice actors. It takes a lot to bring a character to life through hundreds, if not thousands of lines, and quite often gamers will be left wondering who played what role. Below you’ll find the answers to your questions regarding The Outer Worlds voice actors and cast list.

The Outer Worlds Voice Actors and Cast List

The Outer Worlds voice actors and cast list

The Outer Worlds has quite a few voice actors making up its extensive cast list. Below are the names of the characters you’re likely to meet in a rough-chronological order. This list includes all the voice actors for the named characters, as well as voice actors listed only as providing “additional voices”.

Phineas Welles – Piotr Michael

Phineas Welles Piotr Michael

The voice of Phineas Welles is none other than Piotr Michael. Michael is known for his work in Family Guy as a Police Captain, Booze Cruiser, and Gandalf the Grey. He's also used his voice talents in Rage 2 as Angus Groovy, Gatherer, and an Oasis Civilian. He's also lent his talents to DOOM 2016 as The Origin / Demonic Voice.

ADA, Lilya Hagen, additional voices – Courtenay Taylor

ADA Courtenay Taylor

Courtenay Taylor voices quite a few characters in The Outer Worlds, but the most recognizable is ADA and Lilya Hagen. She's been in quite a few video games, including Death Stranding as the Evo-Devo Biologist, Fallout 4 as the Player Female, and Black Ops 4 as Scarlett Rhodes. Destiny 2 players will recognize her as the voice of Amanda Holliday.

Reed Tobson – Darin De Paul

Darin De Paul Reed Robson The Outer Worlds

Reed Robson is voiced by Darin De Paul in The Outer Worlds. Darin De Paul is famous for his work as Reinhardt in Overwatch, J. Jonah Jameson in the PS4 hit, Spider-Man, and Founder Ford, Labyrinth Keeper, and Mudtooth in Remnant: From the Ashes.

Parvati Holcomb – Ashly Burch

Ashly Burch Parvati Holcomb The Outer Worlds

Parvati Holcomb in The Outer Worlds is voiced by the incredibly talented Ashly Burch. Burch has lent her vocal talents to such projects as Borderlands 2 and 3 where she played Tiny Tina, the voice of Aloy in Horizon Zero Dawn, and Ash Graven in the animated TV series Final Space. Burch is also the main character of Hey Ash, Watcha Playin'?.

Udom Bedford – Noshir Dalal

Noshir Dalal Udom Bedford The Outer Worlds

Noshir Dalal is the voice of Udom Bedford in The Outer Worlds. This isn't Dalal's first rodeo either, he's the voice of Charles Smith in Red Dead Redemption 2, Khalil in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, Charles Khan in Death Stranding, and even plays the role of Sekiro, the One-Armed Wolf, in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Marilyn “Ellie” Fenhill – Victoria Sanchez

Victoria Sanchez Ellie Fenhill The Outer Worlds

The character of Ellie Fenhill is voiced by Victoria Sanchez. Sanchez is known for her work in Jack Ryan as Layla Navarro, as well as the 2016 video game, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided where she voiced Alejandra Vega. She was also the voice of Walla in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.

Gladys Culkelly, additional voices – Stephanie Costa

Stephanie Costa Gladys Culkelly The Outer Worlds

According to IMDB, Gladys Culkelly is the first video game character Stephanie Costa as voiced. Prior to this entry into the world of video games, Costa has been in a few TV series and shorts: The Bold Type, Street Legal, Meat, and Three Paces Flat.

The Outer Worlds voice actors continued

  • Vicar Maximillian DeSoto – Dave Mitchell
  • Adelaide McDevitt, additional voices – Christine Dunsford
  • Junlei Tennyson, additional voices – Michelle Rambharose
  • SAM – Bruce Dinsmore
  • Charles Rockwell – Crispin Freeman
  • Hiram Blythe – Keston John
  • Nyoka Ramnarim-Wentworth III – Mara Junot
  • Zora Blackwood – Sumalee Montano
  • Sanjar Nandi – Andrew Morgado
  • Felix Millstone – Jonathan Silver
  • Graham Bryant – Roger Craig Smith
  • Sophia Akande – Debra Wilson
  • Clyde Harlow, additional voices – Mark Camacho
  • Catherine Malin, additional voices – Cat Kidd
  • Clive Lumbergh, additional voices – Mark Krupa
  • Minister Aloysius Clarke – Braeden Marcott
  • Rufus Trask, additional voices – Carlo Mestroni
  • Lionel Witherspoo, additional voices n – Terrence Scammell
  • Theodora Fenhill, additional voices – Jennifer Seguin
  • Isadora DeSoto, additional voices – Felicia Shulman
  • Celia Robbins, additional voices – Kathleen Stavert
  • Hermit, additional voices – Susan Bain
  • End Slide Narrator – Vlasta Vrana

Additional voices by:

  • Patrick Abellard
  • Deena Aziz
  • Shawn Baichoo
  • Wyatt Bowen
  • Tamara Brown
  • Jeremy Cabrera
  • Sara Cravens
  • Lucinda Davis
  • Mylene Dihn-Robic
  • Amber Goldfarb
  • Al Goulem
  • Hamza Haq
  • Scott Humphrey
  • Alex Ivanovici
  • Don Jordan
  • Fred Nguyen Khan
  • Tristan D Lalla
  • Christian Paul
  • Howard Rosenstein
  • Daniella Sandiford
  • Patricia Summersett
  • Mahalia G. Tahririha
  • Russell Yuen

A lot of people are involved in the creation of a video game. We might all get hung up on gameplay and graphics, but one of the most integral parts of a game is the voice acting. The voice actors of The Outer Worlds have done an amazing job at bringing the bizarre world to life. Check out the Shacknews The Outer Worlds guide for even more helpful walkthroughs as well as other important information.

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