All raids & release dates - Destiny 2

Learn about all the raids in Destiny 2 including Power caps, release dates, and the Exotics they offered lucky Guardians.


Destiny 2 raids stand as not only a pinnacle experience in the game, but one of the most intense and unique experiences in gaming. Released every six months or so, these endgame activities demand the most from players, especially those that choose to brave a Day One raid. For the purpose of preservation, you’ll find below all of the Destiny 2 raids, their release dates, along with their Power levels, main enemy factions, and what Exotic rewards they offered.

All Destiny 2 raids & release dates

Traditionally, Bungie has released almost two raids a year in Destiny 2. Recently, this cadence is thanks to the developer reprising Destiny 1 raids, with all but one having been released into Destiny 2 with changes ranging from slight to dramatic. Here is a table showcasing each raid, its Power cap, the date of its release and the season it was released in, along with the enemy faction the raid focuses on and the Exotic weapon you can earn.

Raid  Power Release date Season Enemies Exotic Weapon
Leviathan 270 September 13, 2017 Base game Cabal Legend of Acrius
Eater of Worlds 300 December 5, 2017 Curse of Osiris Cabal, Vex N/A
Spire of Stars 370 December 5, 2017 Warmind Cabal N/A
Last Wish 550 September 14, 2018 Forsaken Taken One Thousand Voices
Scourge of the Past 640 December 7, 2018 Season of the Forge Fallen Anarchy
Crown of Sorrow 740 June 4, 2019 Season of Opulence Hive Tarrabah
Garden of Salvation 940 October 5, 2019 Shadowkeep / Season of the Undying Vex Divinity
Deep Stone Crypt 1220 November 21, 2020 Beyond Light / Season of the Hunt Fallen Eyes of Tomorrow
Vault of Glass 1300 May 22, 2021 Season of the Splicer Vex Vex Mythoclast
Vow of the Disciple 1520 March 5, 2022 The Witch Queen / Season of the Risen Hive, Scorn, Taken Collective Obligation
King's Fall 1550 August 26, 2022 Season of Plunder Hive, Taken Touch of Malice
Root of Nightmares 1770 March 10, 2023 Lightfall / Season of Defiance Cabal Conditional Finality
Crota's End 1790 September 1, 2023 Season of the Witch Hive Necrochasm

Credit to Destinypedia for some of the information in the above table.

As you can see in the table, the Recommended Power is only slightly lower than the max Power of the Season. Additionally, it’s worth noting that the Contest Mode Power cap typically limits player Power to 20 points below an encounter.

The table also shows that the least popular enemy to have in a raid is the Scorn, despite these foes now being in Destiny 2 longer than when they were not. This race is followed closely by the Fallen, who have only been the focus of two raids. On the other end are the Cabal and Hive, who have both featured in four raids a piece, though the Hive is from two reprised raids and the Cabal were in a lot of raids earlier on.

While there have been a lot of raids in Destiny 2, not all of them are still available to play. Unfortunately, everything prior to Garden of Salvation (excluding Last Wish) has been vaulted, effectively removed from Destiny 2. Whether Bungie brings these back or reprises them remains to be seen. We’ll be sure to keep this updates as new raids return or old ones come back. Take a look at our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide for more collections of information, schedules, and other rotations.

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